UpStand iPad Stand Looks OutStanding

The iPad is a runaway hit. We all know that. We use it at our desks. We use it in the kitchen. We use it in the living room. We use it everywhere. And it’s lack of a built-in stand is, at times, a pain. Let’s face it, you don’t want, or can’t, always hold the 1 1/2 pound device.

Fortunately there are a growing number of excellent options out there. And those ranks just grew by one with the announcement of the UpStand from Just Mobile.

As The Company Explains-

The UpStand™ will float your iPad at just the right height for desktop use – it’s perfect for working with a Bluetooth keyboard, watching movies or using the iPad as a digital picture frame. Add the right app, UpStandTM will even turn your iPad into a recipe book, alarm clock or TV. UpStand™ – standing up for the infinite possibilities of iPad.

The UpStand features-

Solid aluminum construction

Stylish and practical

Non-slip feet

The UpStand will work with most iPad cases and is available now from Macsense at an MSRP of $50. For more information visit JustMobile’s Web site.

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  1. UpStand iPad Stand Looks OutStanding

  2. UpStand iPad stand another cool iPad stand

  3. UpStand iPad Stand Looks OutStanding

  4. Upstand chegou, é ducacete…recomendadasso…

  5. que demais isso!!! @cleberport: Upstand chegou, é ducacete…recomendadasso…


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