TikTok Creates an Evolved “iPod nano as Watch”


The TikTok Multi-Touch Watch Band that took-off on Kickstarter.com is now shipping. The goal was to raise $15,00 in pre-production pledges and, in the end, they raised over $940,000. With that kind of money and press it would have been kinda rotten if the actual product was … well, rotten.

Well mine came today and it is anything but. This band actually makes the iPod nano look and feel LIKE a watch. It is easy to pop the mp3 player in, and it doesn’t feel all that bulky.


The actual watch band is sturdy but soft and the hardware is substantial. It doesn’t feel cheap in the slightest. I even love the way they chose to secure the loose part of the band. It keeps the watch band feeling un-bulked.

The detail I like the most though …


That’s a neat trick!

When they appear in retail, the bands will cost $34.95.

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