HTC First Was Last and It’s Now Almost Free

HTC First

A few weeks ago we got exclusive information that the HTC First was in big trouble. As we first reported, sales number for the first phone designed specifically for Facebook Home were close to nonexistent. Our inside information told us that the pre-order and first weekend sales numbers of the HTC First were less than 500 total units on the East Coast. In other words, the HTC First was all but dead on arrival. My conclusion at the time was that:

I cannot begin to imagine what stock AT&T is currently holding of the device, but I have a pretty good sense that the phone which is currently $99 on contract will be dropping down to $49 or even 1¢ in a matter of weeks.

That was April 16th. Fast forward three weeks and…

HTC First

That’s right. Just as we predicted, AT&T is selling the HTC First for less than a dollar. So in a matter of weeks, the phone has gone from First to Last to Practically Free. That certainly isn’t going to help HTC dig out of their growing sales and profit issues.

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  1. “That’s right. Just as we predicted, AT&T is selling the HTC First for a penny.”

    Actually, they are selling it for a dollar. 😉

  2. I think a broader question is what this means about adoption of Facebook Home in general?

    I didn’t understand what FB was bringing to the table with its “Home” product and I still don’t. Seems I may not be alone in wondering about it…