TremorFX Home Theater Seating by RedSeat Entertainment Brings the Sound to Your Seat

TremorFXRedSeat Entertainment recently introduced its new TremorFX Home Theater seats, which are perfect for any home theater setup. These seats vibrate and pulsate to correspond to the movie’s soundtrack. TremorFX seats use audio processors and wireless transmitters to bring the sound from your receiver straight to your seat. An available HDMI-Out jack on your receiver is all that’s needed.

The TremorFX seats can even be used for gaming as long as the video game is run through your receiver.  I’m a huge movie buff and these chairs look incredibly comfortable and would absolutely enhance my enjoyment of my movies. Now, all I need is to build a home theater room in my house and we’re all set!

For more information, check out the TremorFX website.

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  1. I hope this home theater seating is not over-rated. This is what I want to say.