Nexus 5 Debuts in Time for Trick or Treat


In the worst kept secret ever, and on the best day for a phone with an OS release codenamed for a candy bar, Google has finally released the Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 is made by LG and is pretty much the same hardware as the G2 but without the crappy software or fingerprint scanner.

The Nexus 5 ships with the sweet treat that is Android 4.4, code named Kit Kat. Google has promised that this release should run great even on hardware that is not as robust as the Nexus 5.

This is a treat for Sprint and T-Mobile subscribers, but the trick is being played on Verizon customers. Sadly, people on the largest network in the US get left out yet again.

The most amazing thing is the price.  The 16 GB Nexus 5 is only $350 and the 32 GB Nexus 5 is $399.  Colors are black or white. Both are priced without a contract and available on the Google Play Store.

Update: According to Droid Life, on contract prices for the Nexus 5 are being announced by Sprint and T-mobile.  The price? $149.99 with contract.

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  1. So any guesstimate as to how long before Verizon jumps on the bandwagon? I hear this phone is a game changer!

    • The Nexus 5 lacks Band 13 support, which is the majority of Verizon’s LTE coverage. They have started deploying Band 4, which the phone supports, but no idea how extensive that’s going to be.

  2. Given what happened with the Galaxy Nexus AND the Nexus 7 LTE, I can’t say I’m surprised that Google skipped Verizon.

  3. Given what happened to the Galaxy Nexus AND the Nexus 7 LTE, I can’t say I’m surprised Google skipped Verizon.


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