The Digital Innovations cleanDR Refresh Wipes for Electronics Review

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Fingerprints and face grease are a fact of life when using a mobile phone; and unless you are a fan of cloudy screens, you probably spend quite a bit of time wiping yours with a shirt tail or microfiber cloth. As well as that may usually work, nothing can really take the place of a good cleaning. But what’s the best way to clean an electronic device that has an inherent dislike for water?? Well according to Digital Innovations, it’s with a cleanDR Refresh Wipes for Electronics.

I guess it was only a matter of time before an electronics cleaner came in this type container, because it certainly seems like everything else from furniture polish to leather cleaners also comes in an easily dispensable wipe. Well, these type products are convenient to use, so I am not complaining.

According to the packaging, the cleanDR wipes are non-abrasive, and perfect for cleaning “electronics such as computers, monitors, keyboards, phones, PDAs, MP3 Players and much more!” There are 70 wipes in the container, and they have what is described on the packaging as a “refreshing scent”. I thought it smelled pretty good, if vaguely familiar, Sarah mentioned that it smells just like Colgate shaving cream to her, and I think that’s pretty close. 🙂

To use the wipes for the first time, you simply pull the plastic lid off the container, remove the inner seal, pull the end wipe from the center of the roll, and then thread it through the center of the lid. Cleaning electronics is done by wiping them down with a single wipe, and it is not necessary to follow with a lint-free cloth to dry things off – unless you just want to. These cloths are similar to the single electronics’ cleaning wipes that come wrapped in little foil packs, but these are obviously much more economical.

I went on a bit of a cleaning binge with these – not only did my Treo get a thorough wipe down, so did Sarah’s laptop monitor, my Fujitsu’s monitor, casing?and keyboard, my desktop’s monitor and keyboard, and even the two mice on my desk. One wipe was able to do several devices, and although it was wet it wasn’t sopping, so I didn’t feel the need to follow up with a lint free drying cloth. Well, until I started on my Treo; I did rub a microfiber cloth over the screen after using a wipe.

I liked that everything was spic and span after being cleaned…no face or hand grease, no dust or other funk. I’m actually pretty impressed with these wipes, they don’t have any alcohol or ammonia, so they aren’t harmful to electronics’ screens, and they won’t mar the finish on even the most delicate devices. If you have electronic items that you use regularly, and I am assuming that anyone who comes to this site does, then you might want to check out the cleanDR Refresh Wipes for Electronics.

The Digital Innovations cleanDR Refresh Wipes for Electronics is available directly from the manufacturer and from other retailers.
MSRP: $5.99
What I Like: Convenient, economical, and each wipe can be used on several devices (depending upon the size of the device and how dirty it is, of course)
What Needs Improvement: Nothing, they work as stated

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