Is Rebel Scholar asking for negative reviews to be pulled?


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Is Rebel Scholar asking for negative reviews to be pulled? Listen to this article

Seems that Geardiary isn’t the only site to receive communication from Rebel Scholar concerning a case review. Below is the email Larry received concerning his review of the Rebel Scholar Door God.

“Dear Larry,”

Our legal team has closely monitored your post on: and has found your review unacceptable. In your post, you compare the product in the box to the picture on the site, and the title of your post further substantiates a malicious attempt to defame REBEL SCHOLAR without proper justification/replication of the lighting environment/equipment used to take the picture.

We also back up our claim with the following defamation claim: ” … Why the company chooses to display an image that looks 100 times clearer and brighter that what’s actually on the case baffles me. Actually it doesn’t. They simply want to sell cases, and making them look as good as they possibly can is in their best interest.”

We will pursue further legal action if you do not remove your post immediately.

Legal Team,

Rebel Scholar.”

Now another reviewer is stating in a YouTube video that he was contacted and asked to take down a Rebel Scholar review.

YouTube – God of War review

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