Infiniti Redesigns the Flagship, Delivers All-New 2011 QX56

Infiniti Redesigns the Flagship, Delivers All-New 2011 QX56
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While the flagship QX from Infiniti arriving in new form and function was news in and of itself, what really excited me was the possibility of its beefier powertrain rolling over to the shared platform of the Titan pickup.
I have seen the new spec sheet for the 2012 Titan and my bubble burst – more of the same old, same old I am afraid.

The large rigs in the Nissan/Infiniti stable all shared the same basic architecture that supports the same V-8 engine pushing the rear or all four wheels on a frame-based skeleton so it would figure that if the luxury division was now supplying 400 ponies under the hood, wouldn’t those carrying similar DNA would also get the power boost?
Apparently not.

Enough ranting about what should have been, let’s talk about what is, and what this is is the next-generation QX56 fullsize luxury SUV from Infiniti touted as all new from the platform up. It is a little bit longer and wider than the model it replaces yet overall height is up to 2.9 inches lower.

Infiniti Redesigns the Flagship, Delivers All-New 2011 QX56

While still displacing 5.6-liters the new engine benefits from direct injection technology and is mated to a seven-speed automatic gearbox and still available in two- or four-wheel drive. And despite power being upgraded to 400hp and 413 lb. ft. of torque (compared to 320 and 393 respectively with the 2010 model), EPA combined fuel economy is 14 percent improved. The new Hill Start Assist system eliminates rollbacks when starting off on an incline and buyers get a choice of 20- or 22-inch wheels and tires.

Infiniti Redesigns the Flagship, Delivers All-New 2011 QX56

The first generation QX featured some rather polarizing design elements. The 2011 sports a complete makeover that follows the lead of the new M sedans – definitely for the better. Up to eight adults ride in total comfort and style courtesy the latest in technology and safety wrapped in quality craftsmanship.

Superior ride quality is achieved thanks to front and rear independent suspension with stabilizer bars as well as automatic rear self-leveling system and those who opt for the deluxe touring package get a new hydraulic body motion control system further enhancing the onroad experience. Those wishing to tow with their luxury utility vehicle will find the new QX56 capable of pulling up to 8,500 lbs.

Infiniti Redesigns the Flagship, Delivers All-New 2011 QX56

Inside and out, this next-gen QX is quite spectacular. Yes it is rather large and yes it does come with a hefty pricetag but for those still needing/wanting a large, luxury SUV the new Infiniti QX56 should be on your short list. Pricing for our 4WD tester started at $59,800 and rose to $72,240 with the Theater, Technology, and Deluxe Touring packages all added on, so definitely comparably priced with the competition.

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  1. I bought my wife a previous x 2 generation QX56 (read: original model, still looking like the Nissan Armada). The 2011 QX was available at the time, but we passed and bought a used 2010 instead. Why? That horrible SCHNOZZ!! I know that Infinity is trying to streamline the design elements of their product lines, but the front of the QX is something only a mother could love. Well, at least in my (and my wife’s) opinion!

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