Sugar, Salt, and Why We Love Junk Food


I love salt. A lot. My college friends still tease me about how I would salt my fries, then salt my ketchup for good measure. For the record, I don’t do that anymore, and not just because Sarah made me stop.

We really do try to make an effort to eat “real food” (and yes, I recognize that the fried Oreos I had at the town carnival last night do not count), and this graphic shared by author Michael Pollan just further cemented that drive to eat better. I don’t know for certain that all of the claims are true, but I did discover the salt addiction claim quickly via a Google search. Plus I have heard variations on the rest of the graphics before, so I am inclined to believe it is accurate.

Head over to for the full graphic, and let us know in the comments what your reaction was!

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  1. Fried Oreos – Yummmmmmmm!  Sounds grosser than gross, but they make my eyes roll back into my head with pleasure when I eat them.  Come to think of it, I’ve only had them once, but it sure was memorable!

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