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Sarah swears by audiobooks as a way to get through her daily commute, but I mainly use them when we are on long road trips. We have flirted with the idea of an membership, but the library gives us plenty of access for free, and Audible has never struck me as such a great deal., however, has a new service that has me somewhat intrigued.

According to Techhive, has expanded from streaming only to download as well: made its debut earlier this year as a sort of Netflix for bibliophiles who prefer to listen to a good book. The arrival of a new mobile app Wednesday allows subscribers to more easily take their reading on the road.

The new Audiobooks app is available for both the iPhone and Android devices. It lets subscribers download up to two books at a time for offline listening.

And that fills in a key gap in the experience. The streaming service launched eight months ago with the promise of offering users more extensive access to content than its rivals. Take a more prominent competitor like Audible, which has long functioned as a kind of Book Of The Month club where you could download one book a month for the cost of a monthly subscription ($15 in the case of Audible). In contrast, acted like an online video-on-demand service: You get unlimited access to 15,000 streaming titles for a $25 monthly fee.

Two downloads at a time and unlimited audiobook is a pretty good deal! $25 is about the cost of one audiobook, and if you use Audible, your one free audiobook plus a second is likely to run you more than $25. And if you are a library audiobook fan, you are probably very familiar with hold lists-the hotter a new book is, the longer the wait. So from a convenience and cost standpoint, adding downloads suddenly made look a great deal more attractive.

Are you an audiobooks fan? Do you use the library, Audible, or another service? Let us know in the comments!

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