Barnes and Noble Finally Steps Up!

Barnes and Noble Finally Steps Up!

Looks like Barnes and Noble finally got the kinks worked out of their eReader/Fictionwise transition! A few days ago I saw reports that the transfer links were finally working properly, and sure enough, clicking through promised me a forthcoming email with more details. This time, the message didn’t come with a side of time travel, so I figured it had to be fairly accurate. Finally, yesterday, I received an email with the promised code, and, miracle of miracles, my eReader account transferred!

Here’s what the email said:

Dear Fictionwise/eReader Customer,

Welcome to Barnes & Noble and NOOK®!

You are ready to start the process of transitioning the eBooks you purchased through Fictionwise to a NOOK Library at Barnes & Noble.

The code below represents all of the titles that we will transition to a new NOOK Library for you.

Code: [redacted]

Click here to go to the code redemption page.

· Click through to the redemption page and simply enter your code as prompted. This will move your existing eBooks into a NOOK Library. Depending on how many titles are transitioning to your NOOK Library, this process could take some time.

· If you do not have a BN account connected with this email address, you will be prompted to create one once you enter your access code.

· A few titles may not transfer due to discontinued publishing programs. You will be able to see which titles are not able to be transferred by clicking here. In most cases, you can back up these Fictionwise files by downloading them to your personal hard drive on a Mac or PC. To learn more about backing up these files, please click here

· If you are new to NOOK, you will be asked to add some account information, including a credit card. A credit card is required to access some secured titles. Please note, however, that your credit card will not be charged for any of the titles that you transferred from Fictionwise nor for the transfer itself.

· If you already have a Barnes & Noble account, you may use that account in the transfer process. Once the transfer is completed, your transferred Fictionwise titles will appear alongside your existing content in your NOOK Library. You can also choose to create a new Barnes & Noble account for this transfer process.

We’ve made our best effort to ensure that as many of your purchased Fictionwise titles as possible will be available to you as NOOK Books that can be read by downloading NOOK’s free mobile app to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, as well as reading your eBooks with your PC/Mac web browser, or on the award-winning NOOK® devices.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get started reading your eBooks with our award-winning products, software and content.

The NOOK Team

The transition took all of fifteen seconds, though admittedly I had a small eReader library; Judie had 431 books make the transition (70ish of her titles must have been part of the discontinued publishing programs, as they didn’t transfer), and hers took only a little bit longer.

I was livid with B&N for their lack of communication, and my mind is still boggled by their slow response to the bugs, but in the end they have ironed it out and retrieved everyone’s bookshelves. The question is, will the customers left twisting in the wind forgive and forget? Only time will tell!

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  1. I was amazed at how many of Judie’s came through … because when I looked at the list of unsupported stuff I figured she would lose much more.

    And I have mixed feelings – I am thrilled that it finally happened, but for me this has led me to recommend Amazon more strongly than ever.

  2. Agreed. Mainly because they showed an appalling lack of communication. Had they been more forthcoming (and not been so buggy) they would have come out looking fantastic.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the transfer. I have 139 ebooks from and I would not have known about the close-down and transfer to Barnes & Nobel if I did not read it here. I had to contact them to get a new password so I could get back into my account (I have not been there for a few years). I will be getting my access code in the next few days so hopefully I can transfer most of them. Just wanted to say “Thank You!”

  4. Fantastic! Good luck!

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