Sony NEX-6 Smart Remote Control in 90 Seconds

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I upgraded my camera to the Sony NEX-6 today, and I am already loving it. At $899 for the body and lens kit, the NEX-6 is pricey. But for the size, speed, and image quality — it really can’t be beat. One of the new features on both the NEX-5r and the NEX-6 is built-in WiFi. This lets you add apps to your camera and do such things as send images from the camera directly to your smartphone or tablet. Another app-powered feature is the Smart Remote Control. This feature allows you to use your smartphone or tablet as a remote viewfinder and trigger for your NEX-5r or NEX-6. Sound like a gimmick? Not even close.

Cameras About MY Gear   Cameras About MY Gear

As Sony explains,

This lets you control the camera with a smartphone. You’ll find it a great help for group photos when the camera is mounted on a tripod. You can control exposure and shutter release — all from your smartphone! And for added convenience, photos shot using the application will be automatically sent to your smartphone for on-the-spot sharing.

Check out this brief Gear Diary in 60 Seconds look at the app, and why I am so pleased to have the feature on my newest device.

I can see the Smart Remote Control being handy in a variety of ways — not the least of which is in future Gear Diary in 90 Seconds clips! Learn more here.

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  1. I love this sort of functionality! I use an app on my Android devices called DSLR Controller, that lets me control everything on a Canon DSLR (shutter, aperture, ISO, auto forcus, etc) from my device while seeing a live preview. It works great when I’m shooting cars.

    Looking forward to trying it out over WiFi with a 6D!

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