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July 16, 2013 • Music Diary, News

‘Learn To Play 80’s Metal’ with Danny Gill on the New Lick Library Release!

Learn to play 80s metal

Learn to play 80s metal

For the majority of the 1980s I was in high school and college and joined the work force a couple of year before the decade ended. During that decade I started out as a jazz and rock bassist, honed my skills on that instrument before branching out to learning piano and guitar as well as MIDI studio and music production skills. My leanings and love have always been jazz-centric … but sometimes it is just a blast to drop a heavy beat, a simple harmony, and pull out my solid-body guitar ans just plain shred!

If that sounds appealing to you but you need some help getting your chops up to 80s hair metal snuff, the latest release from Lick Library is right up your alley!

Former Joe Satriani student Danny Gill is an expert guitarist, composer and instructor, and he will take you through learning a bunch of 80s metal classics note-by-note. Songs on the two-DVD set include:

KISS Heaven’s On Fire
POISON Every Rose Has Its Thorn
ACCEPT Fast As A Shark
SKID ROW 18 And Life
RATT Round And Round

You will learn the rhythm and lead parts, from acoustic strumming to power chords to unison runs to lightning-fast solos! It the 80s is your era and metal is your genre – this DVD set is definitely worth checking out!

Head to Lick Library and check it out – the two-DVD set sells for $31.99.

Here is the trailer for the set:

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