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In deep strategic combat simulation PC games such as the X series, complexity is a way of life. Since 1999 the X franchise has expanded the scope of its universe, the complexity of systems, and pretty much everything else. Riding on this history, X: Rebirth launches on November 15th to bring you an entirely new look for a classic franchise.

Complexity and deep strategy are great things, but at a certain point it becomes too much, and Egosoft has decided that time is now. With their upcoming release of X: Rebirth, Egosoft says “X Rebirth is the culmination of 7 years of development redefining what a space simulation can be.”

Here are some of the features including specific examples of each:

•TRADE: The backbone of all X games is a fully simulated economy based on supply and demand and within a complex geopolitical environment. Your actions in this universe matter to a degree never before seen in space simulations because every ship and station in this game REALLY does have a task.
?Stop a freighter from reaching its destination and its cargo will be stopped too, causing prices to rise.

•FIGHT: Battles in X Rebirth know no limits. While beginners start with one ship, pros will own fleets of ships consisted of all sizes and classes. Battles will be fought on every scale, from one-on-one skirmishes to epic winner-take-all engagements between fleets. Which faction you fight for is up to you. Be a pirate or work for the police, join the military or just fight for yourself.
?Take the action right into massive structures. Target turrets and shield generators to weaken your enemy, damage engines and jump drives to prevent their ships from escaping, or stop their factories producing to cripple their economy.

•BUILD: Create your own empire! From trade stations to large factories, from farms to high-tech military complexes – everything can be built by the player. As you progress through the game, you decide which stations to build in order to increase your influence and standing in the universe. For example, commercial stations can be built to earn money through trading, while military installations can be built to help win battles.
?Extend and upgrade your stations to make them operate more efficiently, with every element visible in glorious animated detail. Harvest your own resources to keep your empire running smoothly.

•THINK: A detailed and rich backstory with a deep and complex plot awaits you. Players can choose to engage in the missions related to the plot, or to follow their own path. Either way, the universe awaiting them will always be fascinating and interesting to explore and experience. Create your destiny.
?Get up-close and personal with aliens and humans alike. Land on stations, meet people, then accept missions from them or hire them as crew members for your ships.

•TRADE, FIGHT, BUILD, THINK… in the X Universe.

Here is the trailer:

Head to the Egosoft site for more details, and watch for the release coming November 15th!

You can also order the deluxe boxed edition, which includes:

• Updated Color X Encyclopedia (ebook)
• Art Book of Concept Art (printed)
• Player’s Manual (printed)
• Sountrack
• Bonus Videos

The deluxe edition costs $49.99. Check it out!

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