Think Those Pricey Glass Screen Protectors Are a Ripoff? Think Again

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Think Those Pricey Glass Screen Protectors Are a Ripoff? Think Again Listen to this article

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Numerous companies now offer tempered glass screen protectors to protect your smartphone or tablet; they’re quite pricey — some may think too pricey. If you are one of them, you may want to reconsider your conclusions after I share my experience. You see, as I went to grab a jacket yesterday afternoon I dropped my iPhone. I NEVER do that …

I picked my phone up and was hoping beyond hope that it was okay. It wasn’t.

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My heart sunk. My brand new iPhone 5S was shot. Ouch.

Then I remembered I had put a glass screen protector on it. I went to peel it off, hoping beyond hope that it was just the protection that had broken.

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It was. Better still, the phone was just fine.

So while the screen protector was pricey, it was way less expensive than a new screen. And that doesn’t take into account the inconvenience and time-suck I avoided by not having to deal with getting my phone fixed. When it comes to tempered glass screen protection…


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