Pre-Order Skooba Design’s Upcoming iPad/Tablet Courier V.3 and Save!

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Check out Skooba Design’s collection of bags, and you’ll quickly see their penchant for East/West cases and briefs (devices are oriented in landscape inside the bag). That changes with their awesome new iPad/Tablet Courier V.3. This North/South bag has all kinds of Skooba goodness. It will be $89.95 when it arrives, but if you pre-order you can save 25%!Screenshot 2013 11 08 08 39 31

The new bag is:

  • Super-sleek, incredibly light, yet tough as a tank. Carries and protects any tablet or reader, with all its accessories, plus room for papers and more.
  • Quick-access top zipper lets you get to tablet without putting the bag down or opening the main flap
  • Wide strap with non-slip pad stays put comfortably on your shoulder, or slide the pad off the strap and wear as a cross-body messenger.
  • Feature-packed, yet weighs only 20 ounces — yes, 20 ounces — that’s not a typo.

As someone who is hoping to start carrying just my iPad air and a few accessories, this is the kind of storage and protection I was hoping for. And since it comes from Skooba Design I know (and you should too) that it will be well-made, offer suburb organization, and be a pleasure to carry and use. We have one on the way for review, but if this is the kind of bag you have been hoping for, don’t wait to order! Right now you can save 25% AND Skooba Design told us they expect this to sell out when it arrives next month.

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  1. i love the fact that this bag is light and tough at the same time. would be great for my tablet.

  2. this bag is great for tablets because it is the perfect size for them and yet very protection oriented.

  3. i like the easy access and i like that i can get to my things without opening the main flap.

  4. i like the organization in the bag.

  5. i like that this is a North/South bag.

  6. i like the design of the bag and the thought that went into it. i can take it anywhere with me.

  7. i like that the bag also has room for papers.

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