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I was impressed by Blue Microphone’s Spark Digital. In my review I noted that it, “the world’s first studio condenser microphone to offer both USB and iPad connectivity” does an excellent job of recording audio from both your Mac and your iPhone. I did, however, lament the fact that it only shipped with a 30-PIN Apple connector. No longer!

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Yes, as Blue Microphone shared yesterday, “Lightning Strikes! Blue Microphones Now Shipping Spark Digital with Lightning Cable for iPad, iPhone”. In short the $199.99 Spark Digital is now available with a Lightning cable. $199.99 may sound pricey but if you are looking to record good audio using an iOS device you need a good microphone. The Spark Digital is such a microphone.

As John Maier, CEO of Blue Microphones notes,

Spark Digital was first born in the pro studio, as our Spark analog microphone. Spark Digital delivers the same recording quality proven in the studios, but is now the missing link for achieving truly professional results digitally. Bridging the gap between analog quality and digital portability, Spark Digital completes the true mobile studio.


  • Spark Digital also delivers the same detailed audio found in the original Spark
  • Spark Digital features studio controls directly on the microphone including volume and gain control, and instant mute
  • Spark Digital is the only iPad microphone to offer a zero-latency headphone out for direct monitoring
  • Spark Digital employs Focus control, providing two different sonic options in one mic
  • Spark Digital comes with a custom angle-adjustable desk stand with built-in shockmount that protects against disruptive rumblings and vibrations from a desktop surface
  • For each platform connection (USB and iOS), Spark Digital includes a y-cable with an attached, extended female headphone jack for zero-latency direct monitoring
  • Spark Digital is compatible with iPad, iPhone and is instantly recognized for use with any recording app, in addition to driverless connection via USB on both PC and Mac.

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Best of all, you can now purchase the Spark Digital with a Lightning connector. This means you won’t need to fumble and fuss with a 30-PIN to Lightning adapter the way I have been since getting the review sample.

Customers who bought the 30-pin Spark Digital after August 1, 2013 will get a Lightning cable free of charge (with proof of purchase) while customers who bought the 30-pin Spark Digital before August 1, 2013 or are without proof of purchase can get one directly from Blue for $28. To get your cable email [email protected].

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