Parrot Introduces the Parrot Jumping Sumo – An Insectoid Jumping Robot

JS-7107-2-450x403Sumo wrestlers aren’t known for their nimbleness, but you might rethink that when you take a look at Parrot’s new Jumping Sumo spy gadget/robot/toy.  The Parrot Jumping Sumo is a WiFi enabled robot with a built-in camera, gyroscope, and accelerometer, which make it easy to pilot from your smartphone or tablet.  Learn more about Parrot’s Jumping Sumo at Parrot’s website.

Not only can the Jumping Sumo quickly spin in place on it’s two wheels, it can also jump to heights of up to 80cm.  And because of it’s design, it’ll always land on it’s wheels.  The Jumping Sumo’s wheels can also extend away from it’s body or contract closer to it’s body for more speed control and trickier moves.  All I’ve got to say is “Yes, please.  I’ll take two.”  Pricing and availability are not yet known other than “Coming in 2014.”

Check out Parrot’s Jumping Sumo and MiniDrone in action in the video below:

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