Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery for iOS Review

Letters Mystery

Letters Mystery

G5 Games is moving of their popular franchises to social platforms – from Virtual City Playground to Secret Society to Stand O’Food Empire, the games add to the original experience while extending the gameplay to many hours. Now one of my favorite franchises – is out as Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery social game.

Type of app: Social Hidden Object Game

Platform/where to buy: iPhone/iPad; available in the iTunes App Store

Developer: Awem Studio / G5 Entertainment


– Over 260 heart-pounding quests to fulfill
– 24 eerie hidden object scenes to search
– 55 collections to gather for bonuses and awards
– Six different types of mini-games to master
– Regular free updates with loads of new content

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Major features:

Here is the bottom line – if you like the Letters from Nowhere games, you will like this game. And since it is free, you might as well go and download it and try it out.

What .. you want more?

OK, Letters From Nowhere: A Hidden Object Mystery takes the Letters games and mixes them with much of the game format from The Secret Society and other ‘free-to-play’ (f2p) games. This means you will be hunting for items in familiar spots, but hints are not things that automatically come free of charge anymore. You can find items to help you buy things, or find power-ups that will guide you through the game.

But it all comes back to this – if you like the Letters from Nowhere games, go and download it and try it out. You WILL like the gameplay, and will quickly figure out whether or not the f2p push is too strong for your taste.

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Ease of use/Overall performance:

The game plays just like the rest of the ‘Letters’ games, which I reviewed here and here. Based on those reviews you can tell it is technically well-executed and represents the genre standards in an intriguing way.

The f2p influence is there throughout the game, from resource limitations, to special ‘sales’ on bundles of items and so on. There are no mandatory purchases, and I can confirm you can play for hours without ever paying – but you will have to break up your sessions to allow resources to refill.

Would use again/recommend?: Definitely! For me, this game hits the sweet spot between content and f2p push – I can play comfortably without paying, and when I hit a ‘wall’, I can quit and return the next day and be rewarded and continue. It is a solid game that allows for multiple play styles.

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Suggested changes/wish list for updates: Nothing

Source: Publisher provided review code

Price: Free download with in-app item purchase

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