Own the 1987 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Used in ‘Wolf of Wall Street’

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It never ceases to amaze me what people will pay to own a piece of pop culture; case in point, the 1987 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio used in the Oscar nominated “Wolf of Wall Street”.  I own a 1986 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio, and as much as I love my car, I’m shocked to see bidding for this one at $80,000+(!!).

It’s OSCARS week! This Pininfarina Quadrifoglio was filmed by the legendary director Martin Scorsese and now appears in the Worldwide Smash-Hit movie THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. With over 500 Million worldwide impressions (Movie/Trailers/Media placements), this Alfa Romeo is now The Most Visible Alfa Romeo In The World – BAR NONE. Scorsese filmed him over a number of days in scenes with Academy Award nominees Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill. This Alfa was used as a visual icon of 1987 Wall Street. Beyond excellent condition, mechanicals/electricals/interior perfect. Babied by 2nd owner for the past 14 years. All original 1987, no mods. Used lightly (3,250 miles/year lifetime). Garaged year-round in NYC. Owner has all service receipts for past 14 years. This Alfa is a real “Divo”: mint and stunning. Had to be good enough for Paramount Pictures, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio. The Wolf of Wall Street is nominated for 5 Oscars including Best Picture & Leading Actor this Sunday

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I’ve owned three Alfa Romeo Spiders over the years. My first was this 1976 Spider that I bought for $4500 in 1986; I was 19 at the time. Awwww, look how cute I was.


My second was a silver 1987 Quadrifoglio that I bought in 1987. This is me in 1988 — don’t judge! I may have been trying to figure out my personal style, but my taste in cars remained the same. 😉


If you want an all original, well-maintained 1986 or 1987 Quadrifoglio, you can generally expect to pay about $10,000. That’s what I paid for my third Alfa, a red 1986 Quadrifoglio that I got in 2007.


Buuuuut, if you just have to have the silver 1987 Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio that appeared in “Wolf of Wall Street”, then you can expect to pay out the wazzoo for it and be willing to accept it in this condition:

Mechanicals/Electrical’s/Fuel Inj. all 100%. Interior, seats, carpets, instruments: all 100%.   Engine and Clutch rebuilt within past 3 years.  5 year old Pirelli’s in great shape. A/C is cold!  Soft top fabric is dark black and still great, however rear window has some scuffs.  Leather Boot is fine, however needs hardware refastening to leather (best done when soft top is eventually replaced).  Factory hardtop has small corner crack from prior owner (see pix). Passenger side exterior “runner” has a 3″ dia factory convex bump out (classic Alfa sheet metal issue, see pix). Front emblem is 1/4 dented “in” (Owner will try to fix prior to sale, see pix). Small, old windshield crack (3/8″ in center” from first owner, not noticable). Original Radio works/Cassette doesn’t.  Invisible rear crack in teflon gearshift handle (Owner will try to fix prior to sale).  Windshield washer motor is down (Owner will try to fix prior to sale).  Passenger side door lock cylinder is broken (Owner will try to fix prior to sale).  “Trying to Fix” means “if parts are immediately available” (these are all minor, relatively inexpensive repairs/parts fortunately).  Basically, 99% of the car is mint….the above 1% are simple fixes, general wear-and-tear stuff for New York City year ‘round, garaged cars. 

Seems silly, right?

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As I write this, the auction is at $80,100 with six bids and the reserve still not met. There’s no telling what this guy actually wants for his car, or what the final value will be, but I guess anything that raises interest in classic Alfas is fine by me! 😉

Check out the auction by clicking here.

Update 03/06/2014: The auction has ended at $100,100, and it still didn’t meet reserve. That’s just crazy. =P

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