Dragon Age Inquisition’s Unique Character Creation Tool

Dragon Age Inquisition will feature a unique character creation tool (male and female) when the game officially releases on November 18. Dragon Age Inquisition is the next-generation RPG from BioWare set in an epic, dark fantasy world where players are empowered to shape and drive their experience with tough choices that allow them to experience moments based on those decisions.

Dragon Age Inquisition's Unique Character Creation Tool

What do you think about all of those possible character faces? Does it inspire you and make you feel creative? Are you more curious about the game because of it?

You can visit here for more information about Dragon Age Inquisition.

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  • Personally I have always found ‘cosmetic’ character creation a bit of a distraction beyond a certain level. I like to choose from some basics in terms of looks and colors, but eye shapes and brow types and inter-pupil distances … too much.

    I a excited for this game – the original Dragon Age surprised me by being perhaps the best Bioware RPG since Baldur’s Gate (willing to argue Knights of the Old Republic) … but Dragon Age 2 was pretty mediocre. So I am really hopeful that they do something that merits their talents and heritage this time instead of a bunch of detailed cosmetic features. From what I have seen and heard I am optimistic.

  • Michael Siebenaler

    I love the customization (always been a big Sims fan), but the game needs A LOT of close ups to make it incredible. Yes, Dragon Age II was subpar due to the rushed release date. I’m looking forward to this installment.

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