Stellar – a Roguelike Space Shooter with 3D & 2D Combat Coming to PC

Two of the biggest trends for indie games recently are so-called ‘roguelikes’ and space-based simulations. Add real-time shooters and you have the recipe for a fun and addictive game that will appeal to a broad cross-section of players. That is what Stellar, a roguelike space shooter, is offering in a game with a planned 2016 release date. Check it out!

Stellar - a Roguelike Space Shooter with 3D & 2D Combat Coming to PC

Developer Dog Eat Dog Games also describes Stellar as a procedurally generated VR arcade game. Stellar, a roguelike space shooter featuring 2D and 3D dogfighting, will be released for PCs in 2016.

Gamers will immerse themselves in a vast procedurally generated universe as they lead an alien on a quest to dominate the cosmos in the name of his race.

The player’s race has two distinct abilities that provide advantages over other extraterrestrials.

1. Shifting dimensions, taking gamers from a 3D to 2D perspective and locking nearby enemies and objects into the same two-dimensional plane

2. Merging other alien technologies with their own, using the pieces dropped by defeated bosses

Gamers looking for a space shooter with the immersion of an explorable 3D rougelike universe and the furious fast-paced gameplay of an 80s arcade classic will find it next year on PC. Dog Eat Dog Games’ Stellar will seamlessly blend a procedurally generated cosmos with 3D and 2D action-packed dogfighting.

Head to the Dog Eat Dog website to see more about Stellar or other DogEatDog Games!

Check out the Stellar, a Roguelike Space Shooter, trailer:

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