Lucrin’s Apple Watch Bands Let Your Wrist Make the Statement, for a Price

There’s already plenty of Apple Watch bands out there on the market, in all different types of makes and colors. Some things that you might have to consider is how much you’d want to spend for one, and if you’ll actually get quality for the price you pay. Apple’s own bands are pretty nice, but, to be honest, when I saw them in the store I wasn’t really in love with any of them minus the sports bands. 

So once I received Lucrin Geneva’s luxury leather crafted Apple Watch bands, the presentation alone was enough to sell me. They don’t only sell bands for Apple Watches, however.


Instead of arriving in a standard box with an instruction manual like most bands, Apple included came in, Lucrin’s Apple Watch Bands actually came in a nice soft brown envelope-like cloth packaging. The two bands that I received were in a mustard-yellow color with space grey adapters to match my space grey sport, and a traditional blue color with silver accented adapters. All of Lucrin’s Apple Watch bands support either the 38 or 42mm Apple Watch models, and bands can be in silver or space black. I also had an option to choose the brown band with white stitching, but with so many brown bands on the market, it was nice to try some of the more colorful options.


Lucrin’s bands however aren’t just in these three colors, as they are available in 21 other colors (totaling 24 colors), and available in two styles: Elegance or Classic. The most basic bands will set you back around $170 . The leather itself comes into four different types of leather: Smooth leather, granulated leather, goat leather, and real ostrich leather. Obviously ostrich is the more expensive of them all with an additional $89.13 charge, totaling up to $255, which to the average consumer is a LOT of pennies. One thing you have to consider is that each type of leather you choose has its own selection of colors.


One good thing that I liked about each of the genuine leather bands I received is that not only do they fit on my wrist, but their lengths will fit most, as the Lucrin bands can fit from 135mm to 195mm wrists. The leather comes with a buckle that you’d see on most watch bands however.


When you first put the band on, you’ll notice that they are a bit stiff on your wrist. This is traditional with most leather as it needs to be broken in. The bands themselves slide right into the slots, unlike most 3rd-party bands that take a bit more effort. I received a goat leather yellow band, as well as a granulated leather blue band.


The Goat leather band I received was my favorite, so be honest. Although the color of the yellow was a bit mustardy, I found myself using this one the most as its black adapters matched my Sport a bit more than the blue. Sure, you could get away with a Space Grey watch and silver adapters, but to me personally it looks a bit tacky, unless the entire band itself is one color, ala Apple Watch sport bands.


Their granulated leather was nice, although to me it felt way more stiff and harder to break in than my goat leather. It’s blue color was nicer than the yellow, but it took me about a week to break in the granulated version where the goat pretty much settled in after 2 or 3 days.


Lucrin is known for their choice of their leather goods as all of their watches use a hypoallergenic leather lining, so for those of you who have allergies or known to have skin irritations as a result of wearing a watch band, the Lucrin bands are safe for you. Lucrin personally pick out their materials, down to the stitching, the create the bands and manage their site, with some of the best customer service I’ve dealt with in some time. Certainly the moniker “you get what you pay for’ applies here.


Overall the Lucrin Apple Watch bands are worthy of purchasing, especially if you feel the need to have a leather band. There are plenty of other leather bands on the market, especially on Amazon. But we keep our eyes out, and after seeing a few friends who have purchased those bands, and comparing them to my own, those bands are terrible compared to Lucrin’s. But then again, a $150 leather band is obviously going to be better made than that $49 band you think looks “similar” to Apple’s own leather band and clasp the band versus needing a buckle. Regardless, you can purchase bands for from Geneva from $166.71 for the smooth or granulated. Goat leather like the yellow I reviewed will set you back $193.75. And if you dare, the Ostrich bands are $255.75.

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Source: manufacturer supplied review unit

What I like: The leather is durable, and very well made. Will easily last years with daily use.

What Needs Improvement: Expensive

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