Apple’s Lightning Dock for the iPhone 7 Is Just a Coaster Giving You the Finger

So here’s the thing about this iPhone 7 launch , and any other launch by Apple of this magnitude. I always end up making a host of impulse buys that probably won’t be necessary two months down the line. This trend continues with the new Black Lightning Dock for the iPhone 7.


Now, when I first got the box from Apple, I was actually pretty amazed that Apple wasted such a huge box for just an overall smaller package. But that’s neither here nor there. The entire purpose for the purchase was because while at work I will be listening to a lot of podcasts at my desk, and now with the iPhone 7, it’s virtually impossible to charge up while listening unless you use Bluetooth headphones, which I do, but not while at my desktop.

The dock itself is black, which is a welcome change from Apple’s line of docks that accessorize with the multiple colors of the iPhone 6s, which included rose gold and space gray colors. I purchased the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus in Matte Black because the Jet Black looks like a fingerprint and micro abrasion magnet, so the fact that the dock is actually of the same color helps.


On the bottom of the dock is a subtle rubber design that features an Apple logo for branding purposes. But the business end is on the back, where you get the lightning port for charging the iPhone, and of course the headphone jack beside it. While I would rather just have headphones that plug into the port, but of course that’s asking too much. It seems as if Apple is pretty much helping other companies by giving them the option of pleasing you with their accessories.

Saying that to say this, if you have the desire to charge and listen to something with this dock, you’ll be stuck in one spot while doing so. This might be ideal for an airplane, connected to a portable battery, or at work for majority of the day, but I still feel like I spent $50 on half of a cup coaster. And don’t get me started on if I wanted to watch a movie, now I’ll have to stupidly set the dock on its side which honestly looks ridiculous.

If you insist, you can actually purchase the Lightning dock for $50 directly from Apple. 

(Although I wish Apple just used a LITTLE bit of sense and just designed something along the lines of this):



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