Scosche’s New Speaker Dazzles in All Categories

Scosche is known for their great quality speakers in the past, and I was recently given the chance to review the BoomBOTTLE H2O+. Once again, the brand does not disappoint with their new waterproof portable speaker; it has a beautiful design and even better sound.


The BoomBOTTLE H2O+ has a “Rugged IP67 Dustproof/Waterproof Construction”. (The rating of the protection against liquids and dust. To learn more about the rating system, Click Here.)  This speaker was made to be used outside. The shape was designed to fit the water holder on bikes, and the speaker only weighs one pound. A great feature is that on the speaker’s base there is a 1/4″ thread, so you can connect it to tripods or you can get an attachment that will stick to almost anything; all of this makes it easier to take anywhere.


This speaker not only has great sound quality, but it has a great battery life of up to 11 hours. You can even bring the music in the water with you. A great feature is that if you drop it in water, the speaker will not sink or break because of water damage. The BoomBOTTLE H2O+ is practical and looks great. There is an omni- directional speaker and subwoofer projecting bold sound in all directions; this speaker will be heard all around the room. With the BoomBOTTLE H2O+, you can buy several speakers and place them around, connecting them to the same sound source; this is the dual pairing feature.50268758167__6b0f1177-28e6-499a-b486-c9d5f31c7f2f

Another great quality about the  BoomBOTTLE H2O+  is how easy it is to use. With only a few taps, you will be listening to your favorite song. You can control the sound and change the song using the buttons on the speaker. So when your device you are playing the music from is out of reach, you can skip the songs and change the volume easily with the speaker.  To make it even easier, the speaker is compatible with many products and devices.

The BoomBOTTLE H2O+ comes in four great color combinations seen below


The BoomBOTTLE H2O+ comes at the price of $129.99. This is not a bad price for the sound quality that comes with the speaker. You are not only paying for the sound but for how easy it is to take along whether you’re hiking, biking, boating, or just using it around the house.

With all of the features that the BoomBOTTLE H2O+ has, like being waterproof, easy to use, and small enough to place in a cup holder, it is a must-buy speaker for anyone who loves the outdoors or just wants a great speaker. This is a great holiday gift for someone who travels, bikes, or camps.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Sound quality; Size; Price; Battery life

What Needs Improvement: I think the speaker could be a little lighter


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