Apollo Cloud: Manage Your Own Cloud Safely and Affordably

Do you like the idea of storing your documents and photos in the cloud, but you’re turned off by the ideas of monthly fees or mass hacks? Maybe you should check out the new Apollo Cloud. “Apollo Cloud is the first storage device to offer optimized hardware encryption and SMB support for Apple’s latest MacOS Sierra.”

Apollo Cloud can also be used with both OS X and Windows on computers and iOS or Android on smartphones and tablets.

Apollo Cloud

Apollo Cloud is a personal cloud storage appliance that “works with an app to let users access their content on-the-go, from anywhere and at any time. It’s affordable and simple way – making it a great solution for families, small business, and workgroups looking to safely store and share their data, photos, videos and more.”


  • All data transfers use government/military-grade AES-256 encryption
  • Member quota management allows the assignment of different amounts of storage space to each member as needed (up to 10 people total).
  • The new Apollo Cloud will have new features including direct upload/download, scheduled daily backup, remote access, mirroring support for additional protection, and more.
  • A safer way to share and save: personal cloud storage for you AND your private circle.
  • Unlike other solutions, Apollo Cloud is designed for easy storing and sharing within your family or group, while offering full privacy for each member.
  • The easy-to-use, intuitive Apollo Cloud app requires no IT expertise whatsoever.
  • No recurring fees – once you purchase Apollo Cloud you own it outright, with no monthly fees.

The new 2 TB Apollo Cloud will be available starting at $199 and up; premium new features will rev up its speed and make it even easier to use. “Building on the popularity of the original version, the 2TB Apollo Cloud comes complete with an app and is designed for on-the-go consumers who need simple, fast, secure access to their content.”

Recently added features include scheduled daily backup, direct USB upload/download, remote access, member quota management, and advanced encryption. There’s also included mirroring support “for additional protection; a QuickView option that contributes to speed and uses less data over the network; and an upgraded video/music player.”

You can learn more about Apollo Cloud here.

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