The Uuni Pro Portable Outdoor Oven Promises to be Revolutionary for the Home Pizza Chef

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Uuni is back again with a HUGE improvement to their pizza oven line.  The Uuni Pro portable pizza oven was announced today, which boasts twice the cooking surface of the Uuni 2s, offers multiple fuel options, and can still cook a pizza in only 90 seconds.  The Uuni Pro can be pre-ordered today on Indiegogo starting at $499.

The Uuni Pro Portable Outdoor Oven Promises to be Revolutionary for the Home Pizza Chef

I was a huge fan of the Uuni 2s when I reviewed it in the spring of 2016, but one of my main critiques was that the pizzas were a bit small.  After hosting a few pizza parties, my wife and I noted that if the pizzas were bigger, I would have to spend less time prepping and cooking pizzas and more time enjoying the party.  Another one of my suggestions for improvement was that the oven could use a thermometer so you could better control the temperature and know when you need to add more fuel.  It sounds like Uuni got the message, because the Uuni Pro takes care of both of my earlier critiques.

Check out Uuni’s product video, below:

The Uuni Pro DOUBLES the cooking surface area of the Uuni 2s, which means that you will be able to cook a full-size 16” pizza.  That would have been enough for me to throw my money at Uuni for the Uuni Pro, but they’ve gone much further.  They also added the ability to use four fuel options, including; pellets, wood, charcoal, and gas.  In addition, an Uuni Pro Expansion Pack will be available as a separate purchase, which upgrades the door to a fully closing door with viewing window, thermometer and pellet-burning unit.  The gas burner unit will also be available for separate purchase.

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