UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter Takes You and Your Desk to New Heights

Human Solution recently sent a number of products for review. I’ll be looking at their dedicated UPLIFT desk in a future review but, for this first in the series, I wanted to look at their impressive UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter. For just over $200, it converts almost any desk into a sit-stand desk.

If you have a desk you love but want to dip a toe into the waters of standing desks, this is the product for you. The idea behind the UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is simple. Is allows you turn your desk or table into a stable, sturdy, and efficient workplace that allows you to work either sitting or standing and to switch between the two position in seconds. The desk converter is basically a flat surface upon which you can place a monitor or all-in-one PC and a keyboard tray that sits a few inches below it at a perfect ergonomic height.

They explain:

Ready to make the switch to a standing desk but not sure how to incorporate one into your current workstation? The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is your step in the right direction. Say goodbye to bad posture and the uniformity of most modern workstations when you build your perfect desk, complete with pneumatic adjustments and dedicated space for your keyboard tray. It’s ergonomic ease right at your fingertips. Ideal for cubicles and smaller desks, the standing desk converter is non-electric and easy to install for a lightning-quick upgrade to your workspace.

Before digging more deeply into these aspects of the product, however, let’s talk about what sits at the bottom of the Adapt.

The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter has an MSRP of $369 but is currently listed on the Human Solution website for just $219. (In my book that is a bargain for something this well-built and functional, but I digress.) For an additional $39, you can add an 18” by 30” UPLIFT Standing Desk Mat. When ordering the product you will have to choose between black and… black. That’s right, the UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is currently available in a single color skew. That noted, there IS a decision you will have to make when ordering the desk converter.


Option One is a freestanding mount. With this mount, the sit-stand mechanism sits atop a large flat base. To set it up, you simply take the desk converter out of the box and simply place it on top of your desk or table. That means the desk converter is not locked into position on the desk. Not to worry, the system is designed with counterbalances so everything is safe and secure.

Option Two is a clamp mount. In this case, the base of the UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is replaced by a far narrower base that extends out the back and then clamps to the rear portion of your desk or table. It weights 5 lbs more than the 55 lbs freestanding model. Everything else remains the same, and you will have confidence that the product is secured in place.

Since both the freestanding and clamp mount versions of the desk converter have the same price and weight capacity how do you decide which to get? Well, for starters, the depth of your desk or table may make the decision for you. The freestanding model requires a desk with a minimum depth of 23.5”. The clamp mount version, on the other hand, is adjustable to surfaces ranging in depth from as little as 19” to as much as 31.5”.In other words, if your desk is less than 23.5” deep you will need the clamp mount. If your desk has a solid back with no lip onto which the clamp mount can clamp, then you will need the freestanding model. If you want the product with the least amount of setup, you will want the freestanding model. And, if you like the idea that the desk converter is locked in place, you will want the clamp model. And, if it is a 50/50 split regarding which one you purchase, then I recommend the clamp mount. Personally, while I have no doubt the freestanding model is more than secure enough for your monitor or all-in-one computer, I like the idea that it is secured via a clamp.

The UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk I am also reviewing

The full UPLIFT desk I am reviewing is electric. My sample comes with independent up/down buttons as well as four presets that allow you to adjust from one position to another or from one user to another with a single button press. The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is a bit old school and lacks the electronics of its larger, cousin. Instead off pressing a button you pull up on a lever hidden on the side below the main deck that holds the monitor or all-in-one.

Once the level is depressed the counterbalancing system steps in and make it easy to raise or lower the desk. You have to guide the height adjustment and put a bit of oomph into it but you are not taking on the full weight of the computer components sitting on top.

For example, if you are sitting and working and decide it is time to stand for a while, you simply reach under the side of the Adapt and squeeze the lever a bit. Then you gently lift the desk up to the desired height allowing the pneumatic adjustment system to do the work.

Once you have achieved the height you want you can simply let go of the lever and the desk locks into position until you choose to move it once again. It works. It works well. It offers a stable platform at pretty much any height.

But wait, there’s more. When seated, some people like to type with their keyboard at the same height as the desk while others like to type with the keyboard a bit below the top of the desk.

This product has both types of people covered.

Human Solution includes parts of different lengths for connecting the keyboard to the rest of the product.

My sample shipped with the one that extends the keyboard below the desk. I wanted to have the keyboard at desk-level though.

By following the included instructions, I removed the T-bar that was initially connected and replaced it with the shorter one the company had included. It took just a few minutes, and doing that allows me to customize how the desk converter fits into my space.

But wait, there’s even more. Desks vary in their depths; Human Solution recognized this and realized that the clamp needs to go all the way at the back of the desk. That means that a desk that is extra deep might result in the keyboard and monitor being a bit too far back for comfort.

To remedy this, the company made the front-to-back length of the desk converter adjustable. Here too, it takes a few minutes and really helps to follow the instruction but, if you do so, you can get the UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter to fit perfectly on your desk with the monitor and keyboard where it is most comfortable for you. Of course, if you opted for the freestanding model you can simply place the base where it works best for you and your particular desk.

Putting the desk converter together took a few minutes but by following the instructions it was easy. Here are a few images from that process.

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Lest the process of putting it together scare you off, here’s a fast motion look at the process.

The process wasn’t complicated, but I did learn the hard way that it is important to follow the instructions. How did this lesson manifest? Simple, at one point I realized I had missed a step and needed to take the last piece I had installed off in order to get everything set up properly.


  • Requires no electrical outlet – simply pull the pneumatic adjustment lever for fingertip height adjustment
  • Converts any workspace into an adjustable height workstation
  • Mounts via a freestanding or clamp mount
  • Freestanding mount requires 23.5″ minimum for installation, clamp mount requires 19″ to install
  • Counterbalances to support the weight of your accessories
  • Comes with included palm rest
  • Allows attached keyboard tray to lower below the desk surface when used with clamp mount

The UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter is no lightweight. The freestanding model weighs in at 55 lbs while the clamp model adds a bit of weight and comes in at 60 lbs. That’s no big deal except when you are initially setting up the desk converter and have to get it on top of your desk. What is a big deal, however, is the weight capacity it can handle. According to the product page, this desk converter can handle up to 28.6 lbs. Why is that important? Simple, while the 21” iMac weighs just 12.5 lbs, the 27” iMac increases that number significantly. Can, I wondered, this desk converter handle a 27” iMac? The answer is, “Yes!” The 27” iMac is 20.8 lbs, which is significantly under the maximum the desk converter can handle. In other words, pretty much any computer you use, from the lightest of monitors to the heavyweight of the iMac is supported.

The bottom line is this. I am currently reviewing a full UPLIFT Sit/Stand Desk from Human Solution, and I absolutely love it. I can think of four reasons off the top of my head why the desk may not be the right solution for everyone, though:

  1. The desk starts at $499. That may be too pricey for some.
  2. The desk requires assembly. That may scare off other people. (It shouldn’t since putting it together wasn’t all too difficult. More on that in the review.)
  3. The desk requires access to a power supply. Some people may not have the extra outlet to spare.
  4. The desk stands all on its own. That won’t work for people who love the desk they have or those who are not permitted to BYOD – Bring Your Own Desk.

If you fall into any of the categories, then you’ll definitely want to check out the UPLIFT Adapt Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter.

It is just a bit over $200, it lets you use your current desk, and it requires minimal assembly time. All that, and it still does an amazing job getting you up on your feet during the world day. The manual height adjustment is easy to control, and it lets you shift positions in seconds. The platform it creates for your monitor or all-in-one computer is stable — this is true even at when it is raised to its maximum height. And the keyboard tray can be adjusted for your personal comfort and ships with a wrist rest pre-installed. It is an all-in-one sit-stand desk solution that not only gets the job done but it gets the job done well. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Works with your existing desk or table; Easy to set up; Available in two models, Lets you adjust the position of the keyboard tray for maximum comfort; Can be adjusted to fit various desks; Changing the height takes seconds; Creates a stable base at any height; Can even handle a 27” iMac

What Needs Improvement: Only available in black

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