On Vacation and on the Clock: 8 Productivity Apps to Take on the Road

Some people go on vacation to unplug. For those who run a small business, however, there’s no disconnecting – and that means you need to take your business on the road with you if you plan to get away.

On Vacation And On The Clock: 8 Productivity Apps To Take On The Road

Of course, you’re probably not planning to take your entire office with you on vacation, so you’ll need to simplify if you’re going to stay connected. Luckily, in today’s high tech era, you can operate an entire business with just a few apps. Before your next vacation, we recommend investing in these 8 must-have programs.

Clear Your Mind

The purpose of going on vacation is to relax, clear your mind, and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the every day – staying connected can really interfere with that. That’s why, before you start running down your to do list, it’s best for you to take a moment to relax.

Download the Headspace app and spend a short time in quiet meditation. One of their core programs, Take 10, will help you develop a daily meditation practice over a 10-day period. That seems like an ideal way to build some relaxation into your vacation.

Stay On Schedule

One sure way to make your vacation more stressful is by arriving at the airport late. Start your trip off on the right foot by being on time with the TripIt app.

What makes TripIt such a great travel tool is that it calculates your departure time – from your home – based on local traffic, check-in, and flight status. And while you may know how long it takes to get from your door to the airport when you’re at home, TripIt will also help you get from your hotel to the airport at the right time. It’s just one less thing to worry about.

Invoice With Ease

There’s a limit to how much you can get done on vacation. For example, you shouldn’t expect to clear your entire inbox or start major new projects while you’re away. In fact, feel free to set up an “out of office” message and step away from most tasks.

One thing you shouldn’t let slide while away, though, is invoicing as necessary. If you completed projects just before you left, send invoices from your mobile device using the Billdu invoice maker app so that you aren’t in a financial rut when you get back. After all, the bills are going to keep arriving while you’re on vacation. Keep the income rolling in as well.

Get Some Face Time

If you’ve got a few team members back at the office, don’t waste your time trying to email them from your destination. Get everyone in one place using video chat. Whether you opt for FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or the more formal ezTalks Cloud Meeting, it’s typically more efficient and more relaxing to hold a few video chats during your absence than to constantly field calls and emails.

Remember: just because you’re on the clock part-time doesn’t mean you need to be at the constant beck and call of staff. They can wait until the next video meeting and they’ll learn important decision-making and time management skills along the way.

Be Ready To Return

Don’t worry about what you can’t do in the course of your vacation. Instead, prioritize what needs to be done upon your return by combing through your to-do list before you head home.

There are plenty of different to-do list apps on the market and which one you choose depends on your style and the level of detail you prefer. For those who like a simple program with a minimalist look, Todoist is a simple but powerful program that lets you break down a large task into smaller activities. It’s also budget-friendly at $3 a month for the premium version.

Of course, the simple Todoist model isn’t for everyone so on the other end of the spectrum is Trello, the “Getting Things Done” (GTD) app for high-powered professionals. Trello is great for breaking down tasks based on phases of completion, organizing your inbox, and helping you take action when appropriate. You’ve never seen a post-vacation so organized.

It’s possible for a vacation to be both relaxing and productive at the same time – if you have the right tools. Now download these apps, set your “out of office” message, and head to the airport. You’ve earned it.

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