LG Repair Service Has Completely Failed My Household

We have an LG washer/dryer set in my house. Overall, they’ve been fantastic, but a week ago the washer started having issues. It’s out of warranty, but according to LG, I could purchase a flat fee repair to get it fixed. Our other option was to call a local appliance repairman. I assumed that going through the manufacturer would be the more prudent solution. As it turned out, I was very, very, very wrong. Avoid LG Repair Service at all costs.

LG Repair Service Has Completely Failed My Household

This what they claimed. None of this came through as promised.

The disaster started almost immediately. I scheduled the repair, which was an all-day window. The night before, I tried to reach someone to find out if there would be a heads up call or a narrower window provided because we needed to know if the repairman would be arriving while my son was being picked up from school. It took four transfers and several confused reps before someone finally located our information and assured us that we would receive a call about an hour before the repairman’s arrival.

That day, we did not hear a thing from the repair company until after 3 pm, where we were informed the repair had been rescheduled to the following week due to the repairman falling behind. So already we were starting on a very bad foot, since no one consulted us about the date or gave anyone a heads up earlier in the day, there was just an abrupt call and email that the repair was moved. When we finally reached repair day, the repairman showed up over an hour after he had quoted, but he seemed to know what was wrong with the washer. He “fixed” it, left, and the washer promptly showed the same symptoms and died again. Repeat calls to the repairman were not answered until the end of the day when he declared he could not do anything the next day, and we would have to wait another 48 hours for a repair.

So, here we are, the third repair day, and the repairman again did not arrive at the promised time. LG attempted to reschedule us for another repair company next Tuesday, but a follow-up call directly to that company to try to move up their schedule squashed that-apparently LG has a tendency to send customers to them who are outside their service area. As a recap, this means that the repairman outsourced by LG canceled once, botched the repair the second time, and failed to reappear to fix his repairs. And LG apparently has no idea where we live in relation to where their vendors work.

We prepaid for this repair last Monday when the washer first broke. 9 days later, we’ve had a rescheduling, a failed repair, and another disappointing day with no working washer. This has reached a level beyond ridiculous and incompetent, and I am so disappointed in LG that it colors my perception of the brand as a whole. 10 days ago I would have told you LG was wonderful, that we love our washer/dryer and have been thrilled with our experience with them.

As of right now, I am so angry with LG’s handling of this repair that I wouldn’t go anywhere near another LG appliance, due to how livid I am. I know that our issue is with the 3rd-party contracted out to repair the washer and not LG themselves, but LG put their name, brand, and reputation behind this service. They promoted it as an easy solution, something that would fix our washer, and something that would keep us from stressing over costs. Instead, I have a broken washer, broken promises, and a stack of quarters for the local laundromat.

LG, life is definitely not good right now.

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  1. LG repair is the most incompetent I have ever experienced as well. They couldn’t even fix my LG phone, shipped it back with a different cell company’s back cover, missing parts, and never respond when asked to correct their mistake. Going on almost a month with no fix, no response, and noone other than their useless customer service reps. Not buying LG again.

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