Clumsy People Need This Carry-on Closet

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Clumsy People Need This Carry-on Closet Listen to this article

Clumsy People Need This Carry-on Closet

Solgaard is a company that made a name for itself with its LifePack solar-powered and anti-theft backpack. The backpack was so successful in winning over people’s hearts, that it super seeded their Kickstarter goals by over $600k. Now the company is innovating in the luggage space, but perhaps not in the way you’d expect.

Their new Lifepack Carry-on Closet looks like an ordinary carry-on suitcase on the outside, but on the inside it’s designed to keep things really tidy. More specifically, the suitcase is made of a gunmetal grey aluminum frame, with a jet black polycarbonate shell. As a matter of fact, it’s so rigid that an adult can stand or sit on it from any side.

Clumsy People Need This Carry-on Closet

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But where’s that innovation we were talking about, you ask? The inside of the suitcase features a retractable shelving system! The concept here is to make it easier to live out of a suitcase and to get in and out of hotels faster. It accomplishes this by allowing you to pack more easily and to then be able to compress it all inside the suitcase without much fuss. And thanks to the shelving system, you’ll also be able to find your stuff faster once the suitcase is opened. The front door of the suitcase even acts as a kickstand to help stabilize the suitcase.

The Carry-on suitcase retails for a somewhat pricey $299, but it also comes with a generous 5 year warranty. The Carry-on Closet ships on December 1st.

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