Toshiba’s Powerful AR Smart Glasses Target the Enterprise Worker


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Toshiba's Powerful AR Smart Glasses Target the Enterprise Worker

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It seem like 2018 is going to be a hot year for wearables after all, just not the kind you wear on your wrist.

Just a few days ago, Bose was busy showing off their audio focused glasses at SXSW. And now Toshiba has introduced a pair of augmented reality focused glass, and you’ll be surprised what they’re running on.

Unlike most of the smart eyewear we’ve come across in the past, Toshiba’s dynaEdge Smart Glasses are targeting enterprise. And indeed they don’t look very fashion savvy at all. But where they lack in fashion savviness, they make up for in performance.  To that effect, the glasses come running Windows 10 Pro and are powered by an Intel Core processor with up to 512GB of storage, along with built-in GPS, a head tracking accelerometer, Wi-FI, and a 5MP camera. The actual PC part is connected to the glasses with a cable and worn on the waist.

Why does it need that much power? Toshiba has created these glasses with industrial users in mind who are working in places like warehouses, factories and construction sites. So much so, that the smart glasses even come with a construction helmet, and safety goggles.

Toshiba envisions that workers would use the smart glasses in a number of useful ways, e.g.: for pulling up schematics while keeping their hands-free, connecting with an expert for step-by-step repairs out in the field, as well as for recording repairs in the field. The glasses also tout all day battery life by using a rechargeable, removable battery pack.

Pricing for the glasses begins at $1,899 with a Core M processor, and companies can opt to spend more and upgrade to a more powerful CPU.

Toshiba's Powerful AR Smart Glasses Target the Enterprise Worker


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