Dell G Series Gaming Laptops Get Faster Processors and Thinner Bodies

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Dell G Series Gaming Laptops Get Faster Processors and Thinner Bodies

Dell isn’t anywhere close to done with their CES announcements yet. Alienware takes all the gaming attention, but if you like to rock the Dell logo while you’re playing World of Warcraft, Dell’s G series gaming laptops have your name on them! (Not literally, unless you’re Michael Dell, in which case it would be very strange for you to be getting your news from Gear Diary).

If Alienware is outside your budget (or taste), Dell also has their own gaming series, called the “G” series. Presumably, G is for gaming, not, say, gadzookery. In any case, the G7 and G5 both offer a solid gaming experience at an affordable price-$1,099 for the G7 and $999 for the G5. These will also have the Alienware command center to allow you to customize your gaming experience and manage all peripherals.

You can rock Fortnite on a G series Dell starting January 21st!

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