Roland’s New Bluetooth Speaker Lets You Jam Alongside Your Tunes

If you happen to like playing the guitar or are just a music fan, Roland’s BTM-1 Bluetooth Speaker might be the one device you need to entertain your family and friends this summer.

Roland is one of those brands once you hear the name, you know a few things are for certain: You’re going to receive a quality build, even better sound, at an affordable price. A lot of this is the same with Roland’s BTM-1 Bluetooth speaker, a compact sound system that not only allows you to wirelessly stream your audio from any device through Bluetooth, but the speaker also comes complete with a built-in guitar input to plug into your axe so you can play along with your favorite records. I know with Father’s Day coming up, this is going to be a MUST-Have for my Father, who tends to play his guitar virtually everywhere, so it would be nice to let him enjoy jamming to his tunes on the porch this summer with Roland’s BTM-1 speaker.

With a crisp high-definition sound, the BTM-1 looks as good as it sounds with a streamlined white and gold colorway, it will match much of your existing music hardware. And don’t fret, if you buy this for a family member or friend, there’s an auxiliary port so you can have them plug into the BTM-1 so they won’t disturb you as they jam out.

Available today exclusively on Amazon, you can find out more information here.

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