Appreciate Your Sleep More with the Philips SmartSleep Ecosystem

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Appreciate Your Sleep More with the Philips SmartSleep Ecosystem Listen to this article

For most people, sleep seems to be a precious and limited commodity. We never get enough of it, and despite many, many lectures about the importance of cutting back on screen time and other stimulants before bed, who can actually put the phone down? Philips SmartSleep platform is an ecosystem designed to make sleep better for everyone!

Appreciate Your Sleep More with the Philips SmartSleep Ecosystem

The newest device to join the Philips SmartSleep family is the SmartSleep Deep Sleep Headband 2; it will launch later this year.

The idea behind the headband is that it helps soothe you to sleep with special sounds; it monitors how well you’re sleeping once you’re out, and it uses a SmartAlarm to wake you within a certain window of wakeup time, so you’re not jolted out of a deep sleep but gently woken up when you are in a lighter sleep phase. The prior version of the headband used over the ear headphones, but the newer version uses bone conduction, a much less invasive choice. Once you’re using it and tracking your sleep, it lets you see if there is an issue in your sleep pattern and hopefully encourages better rest.

Pricing will be around $399, so be sure to watch Philip’s SmartSleep website for details.

Appreciate Your Sleep More with the Philips SmartSleep Ecosystem

In addition to the headband, you can also pick up a Sleep and Wake-up Light, if a rising brightness is easier for you than an alarm (also, lamps are much harder to hit and/or throw across the room than alarm clocks, and far less likely to get turned off by children playing with them like phone alarms). And if you have sleep apnea, Philips has devices that work to make sure you’re breathing and resting better.

We quantify how much we walk, how much we eat and have trackers that tell us our heart rate on command. Sleep is a natural place to track as well since, without consistent, solid sleep, every other health step becomes less effective! You can learn all about the SleepSmart ecosystem and take a quiz on your sleep habits by checking out the Philips website.

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