It’s International Podcast Day — Here Are Some Products to Get Your Show Started

2020 has given us a lot of time to reflect, complete goals, and even find new things to do with our time. One growing trend has creatives starting podcasts. September 30th is International Podcast Day, and there’s never been a better time to get started. No matter what platform you decide to publish your show on, all podcasts have to start with the proper equipment, and I think these are some that are worth checking out.

Blue Microphones

When I started podcasting, I naturally went to Reddit as well as other podcast forums, and I was strictly told to avoid Blue Microphones and to go the XLR microphone route, instead. In some cases, I might agree, but if you have a relatively quiet room to work in, podcasting from Blue mics like the $49.99 Snowball Ice or the $99.99 Yeti Nano are an excellent choice for beginners who don’t have a lot of money to spend on their setups. My pick for a Blue Microphone that would work well would be the $169.99 Yeti X.

With its four-capsule condenser, the Yeti X not only provides more precise, more focused audio, it has four pickup patterns; it’s not only great for individuals but also for groups. The Yeti X comes with Blue VOICE, which essentially enables you to dial up your vocal effects at the press of a button. There’s a visual LED meter, so you know have a visual indication when you’re speaking, you’ll always know that your mic is hot, and you can see on the LED meter when you need to speak up a bit. Like many other Yeti products by Blue, the Yeti X is a side-address microphone, which means you don’t have to tilt the microphone toward you to speak into it, which is a common mistake I see a lot of new podcasters make. Aside from that, the Yeti X works with Blue’s Sherpa desktop app that allows you to record with multiple Blue mics at a time if you have co-hosts or guests. I genuinely like the Yeti X, and I stand by it as my go-to of the Blue ensemble.


My platform of choice, Anchor, is a free one-stop-shop for recording, hosting, and distributing your show. Complete with their own host of sponsors, Anchor can match you with companies who will sponsor you to get your ideas and thoughts into the world without you having to chase down companies for sponsorships. Being paid to speak your mind? Who would’ve thought? Get in while the getting is good by joining Anchor today.


New to the podcast and streaming world is Streamlab’s all-new app. A browser-based live stream application, Melon allows you to stream to MULTIPLE platforms simultaneously, so you don’t have to pick and choose your audience. Being able to connect with your Facebook following or your Youtube crew — Melon enables you to do this without extra apps installs or accounts. I’ve been using Melon over the past few weeks, and its slowly becoming my favorite way of engaging with my weekly audience.

These products and services are ideal for starting your show, and they are so straightforward that the only thing you’d need outside of them is a docket of topics to discuss. So why not start your podcast today?

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