Xfinity Offers Faster Speed and Happier Family Members with Powerful Second Generation xFi Pods

It’s not a luxury to have high-speed internet all over your home, it’s a necessity for work and school. Xfinity knows this, and they’re rolling out the second generation of their xFi Pod mesh network solution to make sure your whole house has internet. Yes, even that one room no one likes because it’s farthest from the router.

Xfinity product photoshoot on Friday, Sept. 25, 2020, in Jenkintown, Pa. (Jeff Fusco/Comcast via AP Images)

“Utilities” used to refer to the basics of indoor living, like water, gas, and electricity. If the last 6 months have taught us anything (besides the importance of washing your hands and covering your face), it’s that internet is definitely the fourth member of that group. If you can’t get reliable internet throughout your home, it’s a problem that Xfinity aims to help solve.

Xfinity says the new xFi Pod will have to 2x faster speeds than the previous generation and will require fewer pods to cover the whole house. There are also two Ethernet ports, so you’ll have access to hardwired connections in more places. If you’ve got a high enough tier of service, the pods can accommodate up to 500 Mbps, so you’ll have to just fake your internet freezing if you want out of a boring Zoom meeting.

The new xFi Pods are $119 for one and $199 for two, but can you really put a price on the harmony that comes from every member of your family streaming/video chatting/gaming in peace? If you or anyone you know has angrily slammed a computer lid down and stalked off muttering about the internet never working right (why yes, my brother does have a short temper, why do you ask?), and you have Xfinity, this is a worthwhile upgrade to consider! You can learn more about it here.

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