New Nomad MagSafe Mount Adds Function and Style to Your iPhone’s MagSafe Charger

One welcome feature of the latest iPhones is the MagSafe charging — designed for faster and most efficient charging. Recently Nomad released their MagSafe-compatible cases for the iPhone 12; starting today, the new Nomad MagSafe Mount will be available for purchase.

Designed to provide your MagSafe charger with a secure foundation when charging your devices, not only does the Nomad MagSafe Mount have a bit of weight to it so that it doesn’t slide around your desk, but it also looks amazing on your nightstand.

Nomad MagSafe Mount

Thanks to the Nomad MagSafe Mount’s solid stainless steel body, the MagSafe charger is anchored to the surface you have it on, ridding you of the constant struggle of searching for your charger after it’s fallen from the surface.

Nomad MagSafe Mount

Aside from that, the Nomad MagSafe Mount comes with a painted satin finish that matches your MagSafe cable! If you’re concerned about the cable itself, you shouldn’t be, as the micro-suction tape securely holds your MagSafe charger in place while allowing you to easily remove it when you want to travel.

I intend to take mine with me everywhere I go once I start taking trips again.

Nomad MagSafe Mount

The Nomad MagSafe Mount will sell for $49.95, and it is available starting today on their site.

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