Nomad Announces new Apple Watch Steel and Titanium Bands

I’m back to wearing my Apple Watch daily;  most days, it is sporting either the Nomad Titanium band I reviewed some time ago or the Nomad Active Strap Pro I recently reviewed. Adding to their Apple Watch band options, Nomad has just announced a new line of Steel and Titanium bands; they look great, and I can’t wait to try them!

Nomad Announces new Steel and Titanium Bands for Apple Watch

Nomad offers a range of bands for the Apple Watch, with something for every taste and budget. For $49.95, you can get the Nomad Sport Strap. I have one and love it. For $69.95, you can get the Modern Strap. Made from refined leather, the Modern Strap has a classic look that you can wear anywhere.

However, if you really want to upgrade your game, you’ll want to check out the new Stainless Steel and Titanium bands the company has just announced; they are pricey, but they are gorgeous!

Nomad Announces new Steel and Titanium Bands for Apple Watch

Nomad already offered stainless steel and a titanium band; in fact, my original Nomad Titanium band has seen a tremendous amount of use and still looks brand new! The new bands are an evolutionary update that further refines these gorgeous accessories.

The changes include:

  • Perfect color match to each Apple Watch, polished graphite and silver for Stainless Steel watch, brushed silver and black for the Titanium watch.
  • New custom 316L stainless steel lugs, 100% color match to the rest of the band, including links and buckle.
  • This ultra-slim clasp securely latches closed with the power of N52 magnets and allows the band to fully open, so you can easily take your watch on and off. Each clasp is held to incredibly tight tolerances to ensure secure closure and a comfortable fit.
  • A new custom adjustment tool is included.
  • Inclusion of additional links to fit larger wrists.

The original bands were already beautiful, but, as we have seen from Nomad time and time again, they’ve never been content to sit back. Instead, they have taken the time to update bands that were already close to perfect.

The New Nomad Steel Band

The New Nomad Steel Band

The new Nomad Steel band is,

the modern evolution of a metal link bracelet. Built from high-grade stainless steel and an advanced Diamond-Like Carbon coating. The bespoke design takes cues from classic watch bracelets but adds a modern touch with an innovative magnetic clasp.

The New Nomad Steel Band

The band has 316L stainless steel links and buckle, a “diamond-like carbon starch resistant coating, and is compatible with all Apple watches size 44mm or 42mm. The new Nomad Steel band is available in graphite or silver with an MSRP of $149.95.

The New Nomad Titanium Band

The New Nomad Titanium Band

The new Nomad Titanium band is…

the pinnacle of metal link bracelets for Apple Watch. Built from Grade 2 Titanium with an advanced Diamond-Like Carbon coating, this band is engineered to be as light as possible while giving you the confidence and durability of a classic metal link bracelet.

The New Nomad Titanium Band

The links and buckle are made from Grade 2 titanium with a Diamond-Like Carbon scratch-resistant coating, and this band is compatible with all versions of the Apple Watch. Available in your choice of black or silver, the new Nomad Titanium band has an MSRP of $249.95. That’s a hefty price, but this isn’t a utilitarian watch band; this is a bespoke, high-end band that you will feel proud to wear and, barring Apple doing a complete redesign, will last countless Apple Watch update cycles.

Here’s a quick promotional video for the new bands.

And here’s a video explaining how to size your new Nomad band perfectly.

These just-announced Nomad Stainless Steel and Titanium Bands for Apple Watch are already available for purchase and immediate shipping. While you’re checking those out, be sure to take a look at all of Nomad’s other offerings.

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