Nomad Releases Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12 Series and Rugged Cases for the Pixel Buds A-Series

When we first met Nomad, they were a startup with one cool but simple accessory for the iPhone. In the years since, their catalog has grown exponentially and, with it, our appreciation of their design sense and commitment to creating quality products. Their newest offerings include a Moment Rugged Case for the iPhone 12 Series and Rugged Cases for the Pixel Buds A-Series.

Nomad Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max

Nomad Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max

Nomad Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max

The email announcing Nomad’s newest cases for the iPhone made it pretty clear that they were psyched to be bringing something new to the market. It began,

We’ve finally done it. We’ve created the perfect iPhone case for the mobile photographer.Introducing Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max, equipped with our most rugged construction and allows for Moment M-series Lens compatibility.

In other words, Nomad took their amazing Rugged case for iPhone 12, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max and made it even better. The new case is built with a high-grade polycarbonate body that is bonded to a raised TPE bumper on the edge.

The result is a case that protects your phone’s screen while, at the same time, keeps it safe from the damage caused by the inevitable bumps and drops. None of that is particularly new as Nomad has offered Rugged Cases for the last few iPhone models. I have their original Rugged Case for iPhone 12 Pro, and it is fantastic.

What makes this case different is that it is compatible with most Moment M-Series Lenses. If you aren’t familiar with Moment and like to take photos and videos with your iPhone, then you should get to know this company. They make some of the best glass available to enhance your pictures and videos. Moment lenses are rather pricey, but I have never spoken to someone who had invested in their lenses and wasn’t thrilled.

Nomad Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max

Now, with the new Nomad Moment Rugged Case for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max, you get the gorgeous aesthetics and superb protection of Nomad’s Rugged Case, and you can attach most Moment lenses without the need for an adapter or pulling the phone from its protective case.

The new cases feature:

  • MagSafe Compatible
  • Compatible with Moment M-series Lenses
  • Ships with both Moment lens interface and standard camera ring
  • Horween leather from the USA
  • Available in Rustic Brown and Black
  • 10ft drop protection
  • Designed for iPhone 12, Pro, and Pro Max

These Moment-ready Nomad cases sell for $59.95, and, of course, Moment’s lenses are not included. Still, if you already have a Moment lens or two or are looking for ways to take photos and videos to the next level, this is the case you have been waiting for. The new Nomad cases are shipping now.

Nomad Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series

Nomad Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series

When we first got to know Nomad, almost every Gear Diary contributor was using an iPhone. That made for a perfect fit when you consider that Nomad’s initial offerings were fairly iOS-centric. Since then, not only have most of the Gear Diary team gravitated to Android devices (I’m one of the holdouts), but Nomad has expanded their offerings. Their catalog now includes accessories for the most popular Android phones and related devices. Their latest in Android-centric accessories is the Nomad Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series.

People have raved about the Pixel Buds, so the Pixel Buds A-Series promises to be a hit. But, as with Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro, the included case, while functional, scratches like crazy and has no attachment point, so you can’t attach it to your bag, backpack, or belt and keep it close by. That’s why Nomad has introduced their new Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series. As they explain, the new Rugged Case for Pixel Buds A-Series is,

Designed to give your Pixel Buds A-Series a classic, yet bold new look. This two-piece Rugged Case has an optical light pipe for the LED charging indicator and a lanyard attachment point for an optional wrist strap (included). Built with genuine, vegetable-tanned leather designed to beautifully patina with time, Rugged Case creates a Pixel Buds A-Series case truly unique to you.

Nomad Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series

Features include:

  • Available in Rustic Brown or Black Horween leather
  • Develops a rugged patina
  • Designed for Pixel Buds A-Series
  • Include a protective microfiber lining
  • Two-piece construction
  • Integrated light pipe for LED charging indicator
  • Lanyard attachment point
  • Wrist Strap included

Nomad Rugged Cases for Pixel Buds A-Series

Clearly, Nomad went the extra mile when designing this case. As a result of that commitment to quality, they have been granted Google’s “made for” badge indicating that they are certified to meet Google’s compatibility standards.

I’m not a Pixel Buds kind of guy, but this $29.95 case ought to be in your future if you are. It will be available and ship at the beginning of the second week of July.

As you likely know, we are huge fans of Nomad’s products. Seeing them continue to expand their lineup and, in the process, protect an ever-growing range of devices and accessories is amazing. Their products aren’t the least expensive, but we have said before… you get what you pay for.

Check out all of Nomad’s products here.

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