Stern Pinball’s Scientists Merge Their DNA with Jurassic Park, Creating Jurassic Park Pinball for Retro-Gaming Fun!

Stern Pinball traffics in two things: nostalgia and pinball. Their mad scientists come up with exciting ways to mash up your favorite game with your favorite pop culture standards that make you want to burn the laws of physics to the ground. And now they’ve converted everyone’s favorite movie about scientists, hubris, and angry proto-chickens; Jurassic Park Pinball is here!

Stern’s Jurassic Park Pinball features the most fearsome predator ever with an interactive, custom sculpted T. rex.  You’ll be battling against a Spinosaurus by bashing a captive ball and corralling Raptors in their enclosed pen with your quick eye and great shots.

Stern Jurassic Park Pinball

“Fast flowing metal ramps, lightning quick spinners, and kinetically satisfying physical drop targets will provide players with an adrenalized game experience packed with unmatched action and fun.  The all-LED playfield lighting provides dazzling light shows in sync with the iconic Jurassic Park theme music to create an immersive pinball experience.”

It’s coming in at a reasonable (for themed pinball machines, anyway) price of $4,599, which is a small price to pay to have the coolest basement or bar in the neighborhood.

Stern Jurassic Park Pinball detail.

The one thing this doesn’t solve, though, is the true mystery of pinball: how exactly does the scoring work? And why does that ball slide perfectly down the center and avoid both flippers right when you’re in a good rhythm?

Stern Jurassic Park Pinball playing field.

You can check out the new Stern Jurassic Park Pinball here.

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