Four New Speck AirTag Accessories Offer a Range of Options for Holding Your Tracker

After using Tile tracking devices for years, I was skeptical when Apple released their AirTags, and I wondered why I would even consider making a switch. But then I got an AirTag and was sold on its tight integration with iOS. Now, there’s a collection of Speck AirTag accessories for holding AirTags that make them even more useful.

Four new Speck AirTag Accessories.

From Speck: Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do. When it comes to the latest tech, we’re always designing new products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle. We know keeping track of everything is difficult when you’re on the go, which is why we’ve developed a stylish and durable solution for your AirTag. AirTag is Apple’s latest tracking device that works with the “Find my” network, Bluetooth, and Ultra Wideband Technology.

Here’s a look at the four new Speck AirTag accessories that are part of the collection.

Speck Carabiner for AirTag

Speck Carabiner AirTag

Stylish and durable, the $49.95 Speck Carabiner for AirTag is made from polished aluminum, and it looks great. It attaches securely to a loop or ring, so you won’t have to worry about misplacing your valuables.

Speck Carabiner AirTag

The Speck AirTag carabiner is made from polished aluminum that looks great and, as the name suggests, has an integrated clip that easily attaches to pretty much anything.

Speck Carabiner AirTag

The plastic insert separates, making it easy to set the AirTag in place. Once it is in place, you simply put the upper portion of the plastic ring back in place to hold the AirTag securely.

The secure closure of the carabiner works well with keys, but it is also wide enough to attach to almost any strap or loop.

As Speck notes:

Designed to protect and hold your AirTag, the aluminum body has added durability and keeps your tracking device firmly in place without interrupting the Ultra Wideband Technology (UWB).


  • Carabiner made from polished 6061 aluminum for a premium look and elevated style
  • Durable construction with metal keyring and silicone holder that securely holds your AirTag®
  • Secure gate closure ensures your keys don’t fall off, and it connects to straps and loops.
  • Tightly holds your AirTag in place without interrupting the tracking technology.

I like the design of the AirTag Carabiner. Setting and securing the AirTag in place is simple, and the carabiner clip is easy to attach and remove from a range of objects. That makes this AirTag accessory impressively flexible and useful in a range of situations.

Speck SiliRing for AirTag

Speck SiliRing AirTag

A convenient and durable keychain holder, the $14.95 Speck SiliRing for AirTag securely attaches to any set of keys, helping you keep track of those keys for one less thing to worry about.

Speck SiliRing AirTag

The SiliRing for AirTag is a simple, durable keychain accessory that keeps your AirTag securely in place. The silicon AirTag holder, available in a wide range of colors, is durable and easily cleaned. The locking metal loop can be attached to your existing keychain or used as the keychain itself.

The silicone holder has a hard plastic circle inside that holds your AirTag securely in place. It is small, light, and can be used to track a range of keys, bags, or accessories.


  • Two-piece construction with metal keyring and silicone holder that tightly holds your AirTag
  • Holder made with a soft-touch silicone
  • Keyring securely connects to your keychain or with a set of keys

The Speck SiliRing for AirTag is $14.95. You can get a four-pack for $44.95. It is a simple, flexible way to let your AirTags go to new places.

Speck SiliLoop for AirTag

Speck SiliLoop AirTag

A convenient and versatile accessory, the $14.95 Speck SiliLoop for AirTag securely attaches to any bag or strap. The loop-through design is soft to the touch and is easy to take on and off for life on the go.

The SiliLoop AirTag is a soft-touch silicone loop that offers a range of flexible applications.

Speck SiliLoop AirTag

Our convenient and versatile accessory SiliLoop for AirTag was designed for life on the go. Securely attaching to anything you need to keep track of, the loop-through design is perfect for taking your AirTag with you. Soft to the touch and easy to use, keep your tracking technology protected in style.

The SiliLoop AirTag’s soft-touch silicone comes in a range of different colors. Its “loop-through design” lets you securely attach an AirTag to anything and then, if it is needed somewhere else, remove it for use with another bag or backpack. As Speck puts it,

From a bag to a bicycle, this accessory allows you to easily transfer your AirTag to any object or article with a strap, loop, or bar.


  • One-piece construction safely holds your AirTag tightly in place
  • Made with soft-touch silicone for flexibility
  • Loop-through design securely attaches to your clothing or objects.

At just $14.95 each or $44.95 for a 4-pack, the Speck SiliLoop for AirTag is an inexpensive and flexible way to track your stuff. And with a range of available colors, there’s one to match just about any bag.

Speck Luggage Tag Pro for AirTag

Speck Luggage Tag Pro AirTag

Elevate your travels with the $29.95 Speck Luggage Tag Pro for AirTag; it’s a stylish and durable luggage tag that securely attaches to your travel gear.

Speck Luggage Tag Pro AirTag


The Speck Luggage Tag Pro is designed for one specific purpose; it securely attaches an AirTag to your suitcase with the familiar design of a luggage tag.

The two halves of the Speck Luggage Tag Pro flip open to allow easy insertion of an AirTag. After that, it is as easy as replacing the second half of the luggage tag; they are held together with powerful magnets and then rethread the loop attachment. From there, it is as easy as using the Speck Luggage Tag the way you would any other luggage identifier.

Convenient and durable, Luggage Tag Pro for AirTag was designed to keep your AirTag protected while you’re on the go. Securely attaching to any piece of luggage, the strong loop allows you to connect to any suitcase, backpack or purse to add peace of mind while you travel.

Made in black with a white Speck logo, the Speck Luggage Tag Pro is an unassuming way to keep an eye on your belongings even when they are not within sight.


  • Durable construction for added strength and longevity
  • Secure loop attachment connects to any piece of luggage and stays put
  • Dual magnets within the tag snap both sides closed
  • Tightly holds your AirTag in place without interrupting the tracking technology

I just ordered another AirTag so I can use it with my suitcase. We aren’t yet traveling again but, when we do, it will come in quite handy.


I love the fact that four different Speck AirTag Accessories have been released simultaneously, and each serves a different purpose. Have a suitcase? Use the Speck Luggage Tag. Need to keep track of your keys? Use a Speck Carabiner AirTag or Special SiliRing AirTag. Need something as flexible in its use as possible? Get the Speck SiliLoop AirTag.

You can check out all of the new Speck AirTag Accessories here.

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