VTOMAN Jump 1000 Portable Power Station Review: Emergency Power That Will Even Jump-Start Your Car

The Lowdown

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is a great option for anyone looking for a portable battery power station that can be used in multiple scenarios. The LiFePO4 battery is long-lasting and the internal; battery management system keeps the device running safely. I love the included case to carry the charging cables and the robust build quality.



  • Cable management case
  • Vehicle jumper cables included
  • High-quality LiFePO4 battery
  • 13 available ports


  • I would like to see a charging cable with no power brick
  • Only 120W of solar input is not enough

Portable power station technology has come a long way; large-capacity batteries that can keep appliances and vital medical devices running in a power outage are becoming more common and affordable. The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is one such portable power station; it is packed with features and can even jump-start your vehicle! I’ve reviewed quite a few portable power stations, but this is the first I’ve tried that can also help in an automotive emergency.

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is a 1000W portable battery with a hefty 1408Wh storage. This battery is perfect for camping, power outages, and backyard barbecues. You can even extend the Jump 1000’s battery capacity to 2956Wh by daisy-chaining it with an optional backup battery.

The front of the VTOMAN Jump 1000 showing the available power ports

The onboard LiFePO4 battery ensures a long cycle life and should support more than 3,000 cycles. The advanced Battery Management System monitors voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature in real-time, optimizing the battery system and keeping it safe.

All of the ports on the front of the VTOMAN Jump 1000

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 weighs in at 40 pounds. It measures 14″ wide by 10.5″ deep by 11.5″ high, including the handle. The case is made of plastic, and it feels rugged; I see no problems with using it outdoors. The included handle is solid and makes the battery easy to carry.

The package includes the power station and a case that carries the wall charging cable and power brick, a DC car plug, and 12v jumper cables. My favorite part of the included accessories is the carrying case. The Power 1000 is the first battery I’ve reviewed that included a way to store and carry any included cables and chargers neatly.

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 includes a handy storage case for the included cables

The digital display indicates which power ports are turned on and the battery’s wattage output, charge percent, and the estimated time of power remaining. You’ll see the number of watts coming in, the battery percentage, and the time left to full charge as you charge the battery.

The display on the VTOMAN Jump 1000

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 will power up to 13 devices simultaneously, up to 1000W. There are three Max 120 DC outlets, three 1000W pure sine wave AC outputs, four USB outputs, and two USB-C outlets. The USB-C ports are PD, and they can charge two 85W laptops simultaneously.

These options should cover just about all the devices you might need to keep charged in an emergency.

Close-up of the ports on the front of the VTOMAN Jump 1000

You can charge the power station using three methods; the included wall plug and power brick, which charges at about 180w, solar panels in bright sunlight, which charge at up to 120W, and a car charging port.

While it is nice to have three charging methods, the solar charging times are a bit slow compared to some of the other batteries I’ve reviewed.

The back of the VTOMAN Jump 1000

The back of the VTOMAN Jump 1000 includes a built-inlight with five modes, including Weak, Medium, Strong, Strobe, and SOS. The light is plenty bright, and it uses very little battery power; .it will come in handy when camping or in an emergency.

Reference run times for various electronics and appliances using the VTOMAN Jump 1000

During this review, I didn’t have anything that called for me to utilize the car battery jump feature. Since you never know when a dead car battery might happen, having this option is super convenient, and it could be a life-saver if you’re stranded somewhere with no help.

Using the VTOMAN Jump 1000 as an emergency jump starter

1408Wh of power should be more than enough to help you get through an emergency or be able to power up and stay charged while out camping or when pellet BBQing without access to power. It’s a nice bonus that if your vehicle’s battery is dead, the Jump 1000 can get you started and on your way.

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is an excellent option for anyone looking for a portable battery power station that can be used in multiple scenarios. The LiFePO4 battery is long-lasting, and the battery management system keeps the device running safely. I love the robust build quality, and that there is an included accessory case for the jumper cables.

The VTOMAN Jump 1000 retails for $1,299; it’s currently on sale for $595.99 when you buy it on Amazon through this link.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Cable management case; Vehicle jumper cables included; High-quality LiFePO4 battery; 13 available ports

What Needs Improvement: I would like to see a charging cable with no power brick; Only 120W of solar input is not enough

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  1. I noticed when I was editing this post yesterday that there’s a $600 off coupon on the VTOMAN Jump 1000 and Jump 1500 on Amazon.

    I’m sure how long it would last, but it makes this a lot more affordable!


  2. miriama59 | June 7, 2022 at 6:30 pm |

    THIS is impressive. Out of my price range for right now but something I am very interested in. I agree with more solar input.

  3. Jerry Lafferty | June 9, 2022 at 8:38 pm |

    Thats a lot of money, even with the 600 off coupon its still pretty spendy compared to other brands with the same watts, not the jump start feature though. Still not sure the jump start is worth the 6 hundred.

  4. This looks like a pretty good power station, and that $600 off coupon really makes a huge difference. Thanks for the review!

  5. Liz Armstrong | June 12, 2022 at 7:17 pm |

    Great portable option to restart your car!

  6. Seems capable and even with the $600 off, still spendy. Nice review!

  7. I like that it can provide power to small appliance and jump start a car

  8. This can meet any emergency power need

  9. jenifergreenwell | June 17, 2022 at 8:38 pm |

    I love that it has so many different outlet and output connections. The price, though, makes this a tough buy to rationalize.

  10. The VTOMAN Jump 1000 is very impressive and I like the the long-lasting LiFePO4 battery and the battery management
    system appears to keep the device running safely. It is nice that it has a carrying case for cables and to keep everything compact. I would love to have this around my house and also to use in the boat. Awesome review with Pros and Cons.

  11. While these are undeniably useful for a lot of situations, I really think the cost makes it a luxury purchase. Probably still makes more sense to buy a cheap version of a jump charger and portable power source rather than one thing that does it all.

  12. Hi Travis: Thank you for the good review. Could you please comment on the accuracy of three concerns raised by a trusted Amazon reviewer:
    1) The reviewer stated the customer service for Vtoman is poor: He received no response from the given customer support email.
    2) The reviewer stated that the included ac/dc charger heats up to 215 degrees Fahrenheit, which could be a safety concern.
    3) The charging time (ac charging) seemed to him excessively long (about 8.5 hours).


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