DCV Airbase Quad & Airbase Duo, World’s First Swappable Battery Solar Generators, Soon to Be On Kickstarter

Some of the issues people see with Solar Generators are the heavy weight and the lack of swappable batteries. Decarbon Venture has introduced a new line of power products, the DCV Airbase Quad and DCV Airbase Duo, which are half the weight and deliver twice the power of other similar products. Co-founder Geoff Elwood developed the idea while living off-grid in the Australian Outback during the pandemic.

“The Airbase family of products have three key characteristics that make them stand out: half the weight and twice the power of other solar generators as well as being fully modular, helping to make these generators future-proof,” Elwood continued. “They are also much lighter and less expensive to operate than equivalent gas-powered generators. The future is now and it’s lighter, more flexible, modular and green.”

DCV AirBase Quad & Airbase Duo

The DCV Airbase comes as either the Quad or Duo, which describes the number of batteries utilized. Extra 1800WhDCV Airbase Power Modules can be purchased to extend battery life.

The DCV Airbase is IP55 weatherproof and includes multiple inputs and outputs. The display shows how much power is being used and how much is available. The same information will be available via mobile and watch apps.

DCV AirBase Quad

The DCV Airbase Quad contains four modules and only weighs 92.6 pounds; it contains a whopping 7.6kWh capacity, which can power a small house for up to three days, and 6kW of power output makes this able to run many devices.

There are few options on the market with this amount of power in this size and weight.

DCV AirBase Duo

The DCV Airbase Duo contains two power modules equaling 3.6kWh, and it only weighs in at 48.5 pounds, making it packed with power yet easily mobile.

DCV AirBase Duo and solar panel

DCV Solar Panels will come as 400w and only weigh 24.3 pounds. The foldable panels are durable and water and dust resistant. These will pair well with either DCV model, keeping them powered for long periods.

The DCV solar panel sits to the side of a blue truck with an RV attached

The DCV Airbase family of generators will be sold first as a Kickstarter campaign in late August 2023. To sign up for information, click here.

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