Comcast Preps for Bad Weather While Maintaining Your Internet Connection with Storm-Ready WiFi!

We may not work from home all the time anymore, but we’re still pretty tightly connected to home internet for work, play, and general household operations. It’s also a fact of life that acts of nature do not always mix with our need for connectivity; power can be knocked out at the most inopportune times, but Comcast has the solution with Storm-Ready WiFi!

Comcast Storm-Ready WiFi

Storm-Ready WiFi sort of sounds like the weather report from your local news [“Now to Storm-Ready WiFi, for an update on this weather”], but it’s actually a WiFi router/extender with a neat trick to maintain connectivity when the power is down.

If your power goes out, Storm-Ready WiFi kicks onto an internal battery with up to 4 hours of battery life and cellular connectivity because your work Powerpoint presentation stops for no one!

The unit doesn’t just keep you connected in bad weather. It can extend your WiFi, creating a mesh network so you won’t have any dead spots. Plus, it’s WiFi 6 capable, so there will be speed in every nook and cranny of your house!

Storm-Ready WiFi is on sale now for only $7 a month for 36 months. As a bonus, this is Comcast’s first device using recycled materials; 65% of the casing is from post-consumer plastic!

You can learn more about Comcast Storm-Ready WiFi by clicking here.

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