Urbanista Malibu Is an IP67 Dust and Waterproof, Light-Powered Speaker Ready for Outdoor Fun

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Urbanista Malibu Is an IP67 Dust and Waterproof, Light-Powered Speaker Ready for Outdoor Fun Listen to this article

How often have you been at the lake or pool while enjoying good music and great company, only to have the battery on your portable speaker die or for someone to drip all over your speaker? With the Urbanista Malibu, neither of these problems would be an issue; not only is it IP67 waterproof and protected against sand, dust, and dirt, but it uses integrated Powerfoyle solar cell technology, so it can self-charge any time it is exposed to indoor or outdoor light! The sustainability doesn’t end there; the Urbanista Malibu is made from recycled plastic and fabrics!

The Urbanista Malibu its on an oceanside rock

Made with a durable design that begs for outdoor use, the compact Urbanista Malibu speaker puts out 10W of sound and can be charged via its USB-C port or simply by placing it in indoor light or sunlight. If you want an even bigger stereo sound, you can link two Urbanista Malibu speakers together.

A person's finger pressed of the Urbanista Malibu's integrated buttons while sitting next to a pool

The Urbanista Malibu has an integrated lanyard, so the speaker is easy to bring along, and the Malibu’s mobile companion app will give you sound options, including a fully customizable EQ band, so you can adjust the speaker’s audio to meet your taste.

A woman smiles as a person shows her their Urbanista Malibu

The app also helps you keep track of the speaker’s live light-charging and historical data to make the most out of your playtime.

Using the Urbanista Malibu's app to check its charging status

The Malibu speaker also comes with a full-day battery reserve, so you won’t run out of power even when there is no light for it to charge from.

A group of people hang out by the pool while listening to an Urbanista Malibu speaker

The Urbanista Malibu is priced at $149 and comes in Midnight Black and Desert Gray. It will be available online and from retailers everywhere starting in late September 2023.

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