The 5.3L Typhur Dome AirFryer Will Make Cooking for the Entire Family Easy

Looking for a way to make a fast and healthy meal for a crew? You’ll want to check out the Typhur Dome AirFryer — a kitchen appliance inspired by the traditional charm of pizza ovens. Designed to be the world’s fastest air fryer in most scenarios, the Typhur Dome boasts a cyclonic circulation system that promises 30% quicker cooking times on average. But it doesn’t stop there – this gadget also maintains ideal temperatures and ensures your food stays deliciously moist.

Typhur Dome AirFryer front

What makes the Typhur Dome Air Fryer stand out?

For starters, this air fryer has a double-sized cooking capacity; it offers a spacious 5.3L interior, which is way bigger than most. Inside, there’s room for 32 wings, 2.2 pounds of fries, two steaks, or a 12″ pizza, so it can easily handle meals for 4-8 people.

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Using a cyclonic circulation system, the Typhur Dome delivers 30% faster cooking times while maintaining precise temperature control and moisture retention, and it covers a broad temperature range from 105º to 450º F, giving you the flexibility to tackle various recipes.

Typhur Dome Air Fryer dimensions

It’s small enough to fit into just about any kitchen!

Beyond air frying, the Typhur Dome is also useful for dehydrating, baking, and roasting, so it can manage just about any meal you want to put together.

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The air fryer’s adjustable fan speed precisely controls baking and roasting, so you’ll get consistently tender and juicy results.

Typhur Dome AirFryer

You can even seamlessly integrate the Typhur Dome with your cooking routine through its dedicated app. The app lets you control the cooking process, activate the self-clean function, and access recipe reminders; it will take any guesswork out of your cooking!

Finally, if the thought of air frying makes you think of tedious manual cleaning, that’s not an issue. The Typhur Dome’s self-clean cycle breaks down grease to make maintenance easy and extend the life of your air fryer.

The Typhur Dome AirFryer will soon hit the US and EU markets for $499, where it will be available for purchase directly from Typur and Amazon.

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  1. This sounds like a very useful appliance. Can you tell the app what you’re cooking and have it figure out the temperature and cooking time?

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