Enjoy an Elevated Fall Outdoor Dining Experience with These 5 Delicious Treats and 1 Handy Accessory

Summer is finally waving goodbye, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor dining fun has to end! With slightly cooler weather starting to grace us with its presence, the time has never been better to gather with friends and family and keep the good times rolling with this selection of tasty treats and accessories that are sure to make your outdoor dining memorable. So, grab those sweaters, light up the fire pit, and let the laughter continue – because outdoor dining knows no season!

Terra Delyssa

When we talk about classic olive oil – we’re looking at a blend that’s made up of 90% refined olive oil and 10% extra virgin olive oil. This unique combo gives it a smoke point of 425°F, which makes it a total champ for things like roasting veggies, whipping up soups, and creating delicious sauces.

That brings us to Terra Delyssa Classic Pure Olive Oil, which has that lovely, mild olive oil flavor that’s oh-so-versatile and rocks a super light golden color. If you’re all about that outdoor dining vibe, this pure olive oil will be your ultimate partner in crime.

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Why, you ask? Well, it’s got a higher smoke point than its extra virgin sibling, meaning you can turn up the heat without worrying about a thing.

And here’s the cherry on top: Terra Delyssa’s pure olive oil is like a triple threat of goodness. It’s Certified Kosher for Passover, proudly wears the Non-GMO Project Verified badge, and it’s gluten-free, allergen-free, and even cholesterol-free.

So, whether you’re tossing up a picnic or firing up the grill for a BBQ, this pure olive oil is ready to rock your outdoor dining adventures in the healthiest and tastiest way possible!

Terra Delyssa Classic Pure Olive Oil is available in a 1L bottle for $17.99.

Now, let’s take a tasty journey into the heart of Terra Delyssa’s Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil – straight from their sunny orchards in Tunisia. Their dedicated farmers nurture these olives without any chemicals or pesticides, giving them the TLC they deserve. And oh boy, do these olives soak up the goodness of 320 days of Mediterranean sun.

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When the time is just right, the olives are handpicked with love and care and then whisked away for cold-pressing within a mere 4 hours. The result? An olive oil with an acidity of less than 0.4%, showcasing a smooth, mild, and refreshingly fresh flavor.

Think balanced, buttery vibes with those delightful hints of green notes. This liquid gold – aka Terra Delyssa Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil – will be your go-to for everyday cooking, from whipping up salads and marinades to those moments when your recipe craves that extra touch of olive oil magic.

What’s more, Terra Delyssa is all about transparency. You can track the entire journey of this extra virgin olive oil, from those sun-kissed olives in their orchards to the moment it’s carefully sealed in a dark glass bottle.

They’re even throwing some tech into the mix – you can scan the QR code on the label, and voilà! You’ll be able to follow the adventure yourself, thanks to the magic of IBM Food Trust Blockchain.

But wait, there’s more! This olive oil isn’t just a culinary superstar; it’s also got some impressive credentials. We’re talking Certified Kosher for Passover, proudly stamped with the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, and it’s a true friend to those who are gluten-free, allergy-conscious, and even on a cholesterol-free journey.

So go ahead and embrace outdoor dining and all the flavors that come with it – Terra Delyssa’s got your back!

Terra Delyssa Smooth Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available in a 250mL bottle for $7.99 and a 1L bottle for $17.99.

Let’s dive into the delicious world of Terra Delyssa’s Organic Deglet Noor Dates – a treat that’s all about culture, sunshine, and pure goodness. These sweet gems result from an age-old tradition of hand-harvesting and chemical-free care.

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Terra Delyssa takes the utmost care in plucking only the juiciest, highest-quality dates from the trees, and once off the branches, they’re lovingly pitted and sorted by hand. No shortcuts here! In every bag, you’ll find plump, moist, and perfectly uniform treasures – and guess what? There is no sneaky sulfur or additives, just nature’s pure, authentic taste.

Craving a snack that hits the spot? Grab a handful of these organic delights straight from the bag for an afternoon energy boost. And that’s not all – they’re your secret weapon for healthier baking, a sweet twist in granola, and even a scrumptious addition to your morning shake. With a naturally caramel-like sweetness, you’ll satisfy that sweet tooth without the added sugars.

But wait, there’s more goodness to uncover! These dates are high in fiber, making sure you stay fuller for longer. Plus, they’re packing a punch of potassium, essential vitamins like B-6, iron, and antioxidants to boot. So go ahead, embrace the goodness of Terra Delyssa Organic Deglet Noor Dates – they’re not just a snack; they’re a bite-sized piece of sunshine!

Terra Delyssa’s Organic Deglet Noor Dates are available in a 794-gram bag for $13.99 and a 1-kilogram bag for $14.99.

YES Cacao

Meet your new partner in deliciousness: YES Cacao! This chocolate treat isn’t just tasty; it’s a nutrient-packed addition to your everyday routine that’s perfect for enjoying alfresco.

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YES Cacao’s organic, raw, wild-harvested cacao is mouthwateringly good and totally vegan-friendly. And guess what? They’ve sweetened the deal with CleanCane for an extra dash of wholesome goodness, giving you a treat that’s not just a snack but a nutritional boost.

But that’s not all – YES Cacao comes in three fantastic formulas, each designed to match your mood and needs during your outdoor adventures:

Feeling the need for endurance? The YES Cacai Endurance Botanical Chocolate has got your back. Packed with the power of maca, reishi, and shilajit, it’ll help you go that extra mile while keeping stress at bay.

Or maybe you’re all about that brainpower – in that case, YES Cacao Brain Power Botanical Chocolate will be your go-to. Turmeric, lion’s mane, and ginkgo boost your cognitive function, helping you stay sharp and focused while you soak up the sun.

And let’s not forget the YES Cacao Bliss Out Botanical Chocolate because outdoor dining is all about relaxation. Unwind your mind with stress-relieving gaba, blue lotus, and kava, and let the worries melt away as you savor your meal under the open sky.

So, whether you’re embracing the great outdoors for a picnic, barbecue, or just a simple meal with friends, don’t forget to bring along the tasty and nutritious YES Cacao. It’s more than a treat – it’s a delicious way to fuel your adventures!

You can buy a three-pack of each YES Cacao Botanical Chocolate for $27.00 or a variety pack that includes each of these three flavors for $27.00.

Eva Solo 8-Ounce Drip-Free Salad Dressing Shaker

Elevate your outdoor dining experience with the Eva Solo 8-ounce drip-free Salad Dressing Shaker – your go-to companion for preparing, serving, and safeguarding your salad dressings.

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This delightful shaker makes the process a breeze: just pour in your favorite ingredients, give it a friendly shake, and you’re set. Its refined design effortlessly adds a touch of sophistication to your picnic table while ensuring your dressing pours smoothly through the innovative drip-free spout.

When your alfresco meal comes to an end, make the most of the practical stopper to seal the shaker. This handy feature lets you stow it away in the fridge with confidence, preventing any mingling of aromas and tastes with other culinary delights.

Crafted from robust borosilicate glass, the shaker remains unfazed by hot and cold liquids, promising durability for outdoor escapades. The drip-free pouring spout, fashioned from stainless steel and silicone, guarantees a mess-free serving, and the silicone stopper ensures a tight seal.

Even the glass base can handle a trip to the microwave (pouring spout and stopper excluded). And for the icing on the cake, keeping everything neat and tidy is a breeze – all parts can be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Eva Solo 8-ounce drip-free Salad Dressing Shaker sells for $54.95.

Franks Red Hot Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce

Say hello to a match made in taste-bud heaven: Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce! Seriously, who knew hot sauce and dill pickle would be this dynamic duo? Get ready to dive into a tangy, dilly, pickle-y twist that’s about to rock your outdoor dining game!

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From crunchy popcorn chicken to loaded-up fries that’ll make your taste buds dance and even those legendary pickle-back wings – this hot sauce brings pickle power to your favorite dishes.

You know those moments when you’re torn between reaching for hot sauce or going pickle-crazy? Well, no more dilemmas because this hot sauce is the answer.

Think about it – tangy heat that’s just begging to be drizzled over your favorite pizza, slathered on those finger-licking wings, or spread lovingly onto your go-to sandwiches. But wait, there’s more! Imagine shaking it over crispy popcorn chicken, adding a punch to scrumptious shrimp rolls, and taking your wing game to a whole new level.

If dill pickles and hot sauce are your jam, prepare for a taste revelation. Frank’s RedHot Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce is here to transform your culinary world. So grab your outdoor spread, gather your pals, and get ready to experience flavor fusion like never before!

Franks Red Hot Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce sells in a pack of two 5-ounce bottles for $6.99.


We hope our picks enhance your fall outdoor dining adventures, whether you’re hosting a cozy family dinner, a romantic date night, or a delightful picnic in the park. Bon appétit!

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