Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra Will Provide Customizable, 3D-Like Gaming Light Scenarios

There are many manufacturers with product lines that include interlocking flat light panels of various shapes, but Govee is introducing something completely new, the Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra, which offers the world’s first combination of line and surface illumination. The panels support three illumination modes: individual lines, individual surfaces, and combined lines and surfaces.

Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra

The Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra’s 3D parallax surface and line design can create spatial effects and a visual atmosphere that have thus far been unobtainable. The panels are equipped with 129 LED beads and are the most powerful Govee gaming lights. Each wall panel has 33 integrated IC chips. Ten panels are in each kit, meaning a total of 330 ICs or more than five times as many as in previous products.

The system is available in two color options: Meteor Gray, which employs a layer that emits a softer, gentler light or Lunar White, which features a transparent shell and displays brighter and more vivid colors. The two colors can be mixed to create custom designs.

Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra shown above a gaming computer setup

The Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra adds 10 microcontroller units (1 per panel), which results in increased flexibility in layout customization. The splicing direction is not limited in terms of positioning, offering limitless shape possibilities.

Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra in the shape of a scorpion on a wall

As with other Govee light products, the Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra is compatible with numerous industry-standard apps, including Govee DreamView, Razer Chroma, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Govee Desktop. The system includes 60 preset scene modes, available via the Govee App, such as Cyber, Layering, and Kaleidoscope.

The Govee Hexagon Light Panels Ultra started selling today for $349.99; you can see them and all of Govee’s gaming light products by clicking here.

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