Gain an Audio Advantage with Beyerdynamic MMX 200, the Brand’s First Wireless Gaming Headset

Beyerdynamic, a favored audio brand among professional gamers worldwide, has introduced the beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset. Drawing from nearly a century of experience in pro-audio equipment, the brand’s first-ever wireless headset now joins beyerdynamic’s popular MMX lineup.

beyerdynamic MMX 200

The beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless features dynamic 40mm high-performance drivers that deliver robust bass, clear mids, and detailed highs to provide an immersive gaming experience.

These headphones utilize custom-built, sensitive drivers to enhance impulse response and detail across a wide frequency range. An integrated digital signal processor (DSP) further enhances the sound, delivering a powerful gaming audio experience.

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The detachable boom microphone with an integrated 9mm capsule ensures clear, professional voice communication. Designed with an electret condenser capsule, the MMX 200’s boom microphone offers higher max sound pressure levels (SPL), a wider frequency response, and reduced background noise, all while being energy-efficient.

The MMX 200 wireless caters not only to gamers but also to remote and virtual workers, offering versatile features.

These include the latest audio codecs, industry-leading Bluetooth 5.3, a low-latency wireless adapter, and a Hybrid Mode for simultaneous analog and Bluetooth connections.

The headphones prioritize comfort with high-quality materials, a secure but lightweight clamping force, and memory foam padding on the 28mm earpads, making them suitable for extended use. With a large-capacity battery, these headphones provide more than 35 hours of gaming, or closer to 40-50 hours, factoring in idle periods. Moreover, they can be charged while in use.

The design of the MMX 200 wireless is minimalist, focusing on quality audio and connectivity features without unnecessary distractions. All components, from earpads to microphones, batteries, and cables, are designed to be durable and easily replaceable when needed.

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The headphones offer several dual-purpose features suitable for both gaming and home-office use. A press of the volume wheel mutes the microphone and indicates its status with an LED light on the boom arm.

A longer push activates Augmented Mode (transparency mode), turning the closed-back headphones into an ambient noise-enabled headset. Pressing the multifunction button once answers incoming calls while in Bluetooth mode and triple pressing it switches from LLWA connection to Bluetooth for connectivity with other devices.

Beyerdynamic MMX 200 Specifications



Acoustic Design


Frequency Response

20 Hz – 20.000 Hz


Low Latency, Bluetooth, Analog, USB Audio


5.3; A2DP, HFP, SBC

Bluetooth LE Audio


Analog Connectivity

Yes (analog cable optionally available)

USB Audio Connections    


Charging During Use



66 ft.

Battery Runtime

Up to 35 Hours

Additional Functionality

Call Handling, Microphone Mute, Volume Control, Augmented (Transparency) Mode

Scope of Delivery

Microphone Pop Filter, USB Cable (2m), Wireless Dongle (USB-C), USB-A to USB-C Adapter

Weight (without cable)

0.79 lb.


Black and Grey

The beyerdynamic MMX 200 wireless gaming headset is available starting today in black and gray exclusively from the beyerdynamic shop for $249.00.

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